” Fall Creek “

Another shot from Clifty Falls, just a little cascade in a side branch of Clifty Creek, not a whole lot of color but still a pretty nice scene.

17-55 @24mm,f/16 1.5 seconds at iso 160.



22 thoughts on “” Fall Creek “

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  2. HeyJules

    This is really nice Bernie. The perspective of where you shot it from makes it feel much bigger than it probably is. Great use of space and composition on this one.

    And Happy Holidays!

  3. truddle

    You have done a fabulous job of capturing the peace and tranquility of this spot in your world.

    How I’d love to be able to sit by this stream and hear the sound of the water as it splashes over the rocks.

    Beautiful Bernie – just beautiful!

  4. aullori

    Beautiful… that slate really creates the perfect waterfall if I waxed poetically it reminds me of tresses of a woman’s hair. (But when I wax poetically I sound like a horses a**) Once again… perfect. It’s difficult to rate someone who just keeps getting it in the hoop everytime he takes a shot. 😉

  5. montucky

    Beautiful photo, Bernie. I think the bright little leaves give it the perfect amount of color! Very pleasant scene!

  6. Mark

    Such a great place to live close to Bernie. Seems to be endless possibilities there. I like the way the shelves divide this up into near perfect thirds.

  7. alex

    I like how you made those pretty picture i mean how you took them. where did you go to take these beautiful picture you should send it to everyone you know.


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