‘Fall in the Smokies”

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I am right in the middle of basketball season here in Indiana, and with coaching and all the other activities that go along with it has kept me extremely busy.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, this is my last year and hopefully we can go out with a bang, we are currently 7-1 and rated third in the state polls and this team has the talent to win it all but of course pulling it all off is a tough thing to do. But it will all be over in March and then I can seriously devote all my free time to photography.

BTW…This is a shot from the Townsend area of the Smokies that I shot last fall, hope you enjoy it.



27 thoughts on “‘Fall in the Smokies”

  1. rtd13

    Nice shot Bernie, even on a busted monitor in a tiny airport in Trinidad, Bolivia.

    BTW, I didn´t know that they play basketball in Indiana, when did that happen? 😉


  2. barbara

    Wish I were standing knee deep in that crick OR sitting in a packed smelly gym watching a REALLY good BB team. My Badgers lost to Marquette, so I’m patiently waiting for the next game.

  3. Richard Wong

    Good luck on the basketball season Bernie! I don’t really get anything done either when a Laker game is on.

    Those colors look so good it makes me want to eat the trees almost.

  4. paintingartist

    Very beautiful Bernie. I thought when I saw it that it was a shot from my area.

    Sounds like you have one awesome team. Any Larry Birds? It has to be awesome getting to coach your son. If I had a son I know I would love it. I wish you and your team the best.

  5. forestrat

    I traveled from NY to go to school at Butler University in Indianapolis. I came to realize how big basketball was to Hoosiers when I saw Hinkle fieldhouse packed to the rafters for a state HIGH SCHOOL tournament game – and it was just one of the early rounds! You couldn’t begin to fit the finals in there and (I hate to say it) this was many moons ago.


  6. aullori

    I have to quote the above guy congrats on the winning streak. Hey even photographers have to just have fun. I like this a lot – the colors really explode. Should I tell you “excellent” or God? Probably God but you did an amazing job of capturing it. Just for a game I’d challenge the world to name the species of each of the trees – geesh there must be about three dozen! :o)

  7. Mark

    Fantastic picture, I have always loved the way the beech trees are brown on the more exposed edges but are still green in the more sheltered parts.You are lucky to have such a place to get these images.


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