“Ringwald Falls”

This is a falls someone told me about that is located on private property, it doesn’t have a name, so I named it after the women who told me about the location. The falls stands about 40 feet and is one of the only cascade type of falls that dot our county, I have another shot of this with a wider view of the surroundings but there was so much garbage laying around I did not want it included in the image.

I shot this one with my 17-55 @ 34mm, f/8 at 2.5 seconds with a iso of 160, I also used a polarizing filter for this one.


32 thoughts on ““Ringwald Falls”

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  2. aullori

    As I said on your flickr page breathtaking… (I don’t give up that particular word to just any image I must say…)

    Meanwhile, I hope you, your wife and family have a fabulous holiday! Worked out in specifics? that means, lots of sugar cookies and milk for Santa. :o)

  3. Photo Buffet

    On private property? Talk about perks!
    Your water images are show-stoppers, Bernie. I haven’t met one I didn’t instantly like. It’s as if you’ve slowed down the flow–really beautiful!

  4. sonali

    Great great great…..
    its very very nice… really very beautiful….
    great job…
    Congrates & thanks

  5. Lili

    Wow ! This picture is really great ! I am impressed by its quality I was wondering what you would advise me in terms of photo sharing service for those kind of photographs,
    Have you heard about the photo sharing Joomeo (http://www.joomeo.com) or any other alternative to Flickr ? What about Smugsmug? Thanks for your help

  6. Bernie Ringwald

    Brings back memories. The creek originated on our old farm. We used to climb up the side of the falls, but there were alot of snakes around there. Nice picture.


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