Monthly Archives: January 2008

“Inside an Iris”

Finally I got some free time today and I went to my local florist and bought some cut flowers to photograph. Our regular season ended last night and the state tourney doesn’t begin until next week so I am going to try to get a few floral images before things pick back up again.

I bought a couple of Irises to experiment with, I shot a few extremely shallow images of the flower but I am not sure how I feel about this one I do like the sweeping lines and color and also how you seemed to be pulled into the image. But I don’t get a wow from it, if you know what I mean, I haven’t picked up my camera for a couple of months and I don’t feel like I am in a flow yet.

Sometimes like basketball, I have to get out and shoot a lot images before I feel like what I am capturing is coming out like I intended, I sort of have to get warmed up and into the flow of the process before I will be happy with my work.

Once again thanks for stopping by and taking a look , your thoughts are always appreciated and welcome.


“Favorite Landscape Images”

Here is my last list of favorites from last year, the five landscape images….

A fall shot of Little Clifty Creek in Madison Indiana…


Here is one from Big Clifty Creek….


This one is a little waterfall on the Hoffman Branch of Big Clifty Falls Creek…


From late last winter, I loved this image of a frozen waterfall in Clifty State Park…


And finally my favorite shot of last year was this intimate stream shot from Big Clifty Creek…


Well thats the list of my favorite shots from last year, hopefully with my basketball career winding down and more time on my hands I should be able to get out and add more shots to my portfolio, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving comments I know it’s hard with the busy schedules everyone has I really appreciate the time you take to stop by.

“Favorite Backyard Floral Images for 2007”

This is my favorite 5 floral shots from my backyard or my neighbors yard in some instances..

The first one is a geranium that was shot at a very shallow depth of field to get this effect…


The next one is a dahlia that I shot as an abstract and converted to B&W to give it an artistic feel…


The third one is a abstract shot of just the leaf of a Asiatic Lily….


The fourth one is a Purple Coneflower, one of my favorite flowers to photograph…


And finally my favorite flower shot from last year was this Iris Macro shot, I loved the detail in the tongue and the color was so vibrant.


Well these are my five favorites from last year hope you have enjoyed taking a look.

” B&W Creek Abstract “

Another attempt at a b&w abstract creek shot, I liked the water and the shape of the rocks, I shot  this in the Southern Appalachian Mountains looking down from a footbridge. The creek itself didn’t stimulate me visually so I tried something a little different.

d200,17-55 @ 50mm, f/16, 2 seconds  iso 160.