“Favorite Backyard Floral Images for 2007”

This is my favorite 5 floral shots from my backyard or my neighbors yard in some instances..

The first one is a geranium that was shot at a very shallow depth of field to get this effect…


The next one is a dahlia that I shot as an abstract and converted to B&W to give it an artistic feel…


The third one is a abstract shot of just the leaf of a Asiatic Lily….


The fourth one is a Purple Coneflower, one of my favorite flowers to photograph…


And finally my favorite flower shot from last year was this Iris Macro shot, I loved the detail in the tongue and the color was so vibrant.


Well these are my five favorites from last year hope you have enjoyed taking a look.


22 thoughts on ““Favorite Backyard Floral Images for 2007”

  1. HeyJules

    I love them all but that Asiatic lily just blew me away when you first did it. I’m still stuck on that one…

  2. Tom

    Hi Bernie,

    Very cool blog, your flower pictures are very soothing and serene. I really like how they are cropped quite close. This really accentuates their form and curves…very nice.

    I found you through Mon@rch’s nature blog. I’ve added you to my reader and am looking forward to your future posts.


  3. paintingartist

    Bernie I’m watching my yard!:) Beware of Dog!!!:)

    Great shots Bernie. Reflecting back on the previous year is nice when you have worked as hard as you have. Great job and thanks for the great images.

    I absolutely love the geranium. The softness and color are very beautiful.

  4. calevphoto

    It’s funny that I’m normally not into abstract shots but the Asiatic Lily really caught my attention. I think you caught the curve in this one perfectly.

  5. gohraymond

    very nice photo taking for the 5 floral shots,i like it very much,can you share with me a sets of favorite backyard floral images for 2007,which digital camera ,micro lens and how is your setting,thank you ,see you again.


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