Monthly Archives: February 2008

“Madison Indiana Waterfalls”

Here is another shot of Ringwald falls that I got last Sunday, this a little known falls that sits right outside of Madison Indiana, there is another falls as least as twice as high as this one abut 200 yards down the creek, but it doesn’t have the water flow like this one does so I will have to wait till we get a good rain to to share a view of it.

As you can tell we have had quite a bit of ice and snow this winter and my patience with the season is starting to fade, hopefully within a few weeks the weather will break and I will be able to bring you the first of many wildflower images to you, thanks for stopping by and taking a look.



“Common Blue Violets”

It has been a while since I posted anything…. Basketball is now over ending on a very sour note, I may get into the details with all of you some time in the future but for now I would rather just let it go.

I am completely over winter as well, as I sit here now we are under a ice storm warning with sleet and freezing rain covering everything with a sheet of ice tonight. I will be so glad when spring finally arrives and I can get out and about with my camera.

This violet was shot last year here at Clifty Falls State Park outside Madison Indiana, I am hoping for a repeat of the early warm spring which brought out all the wildflowers much earlier than usual I just don’t want to see a repeat of the late winter blast that put such a damper on the wonderful conditions we were enjoying.

So I hopefully will be able to catch up with everyones blogs over the next few days and get back into something not nearly as stressful and emotional that basketball has become around here.

And BTW…. If I here anything on about how bad our weather sucks around here from my dear friend in South Florida I may just suggest a return trip for his In-Laws back to his little paradise !!!