“Common Blue Violets”

It has been a while since I posted anything…. Basketball is now over ending on a very sour note, I may get into the details with all of you some time in the future but for now I would rather just let it go.

I am completely over winter as well, as I sit here now we are under a ice storm warning with sleet and freezing rain covering everything with a sheet of ice tonight. I will be so glad when spring finally arrives and I can get out and about with my camera.

This violet was shot last year here at Clifty Falls State Park outside Madison Indiana, I am hoping for a repeat of the early warm spring which brought out all the wildflowers much earlier than usual I just don’t want to see a repeat of the late winter blast that put such a damper on the wonderful conditions we were enjoying.

So I hopefully will be able to catch up with everyones blogs over the next few days and get back into something not nearly as stressful and emotional that basketball has become around here.

And BTW…. If I here anything on about how bad our weather sucks around here from my dear friend in South Florida I may just suggest a return trip for his In-Laws back to his little paradise !!!



30 thoughts on ““Common Blue Violets”

  1. Howard Grill

    Beautiful detail and color in those flowers! I know what you mean about winter….it is just so difficult for me to get out and shoot in the freezing cold. I also can’t wait for the wildflowers to return>

  2. Richard

    That’s too bad about the basketball season Bernie. I’m sure this image makes you feel much better. I know many times when photography has kept my sanity particularly in the past two years with the stuff I have gone thru.

  3. Tom @ Ohio Nature

    Great saturation for this Viola sororia. I have found it very difficult for digital cameras to accurately produce the color of the petals of the flower of this plant. Have you noticed this as well?

    Here Here for the early spring. Here in Columbus, we had wildflowers in full bloom by March 29th.


  4. aullori

    I think it was Aristotle who once said; “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” And this poetic thought is really the only idea that gives this shot justice. Your highly detailed and brilliantly colored violets certainly provide the perfect example to that statement.

  5. armyman

    I must admit it has been great down here in south GA. We have had rain the past couple of days. Glad you are moving past the season’s end. It will be good for you to get behind the camera. I wish I was right next to you in my usual spot. I can’t wait till we can shoot together again. My time here is rapidly coming to a close and I will be crossing the pond Mar 2/3/4 for Kuwaiit and then on to Iraq. I feel pretty good about where we are at right now and am looking forward to getting on with it. The misses will be down by Sun and the kids in on Wed. The rest of the family late wed n fri. It will be good to see everyone one more time. Keep me in you thoughts and drop me an email when you can. I will try to post when I get a chance. Later, JT PS Great shot!

  6. Mark

    Groups of three always seem to make a shot more dynamic. That combined with the vibrance make this have a lot of impact. I am looking forward to the end of winter also Bernie. This shot just makes me more anxious!

  7. truddle

    Don’t give up hope Bernie spring is on its way!

    I love these little flowers, and you did a wonderful job in capturing their true beauty!

    (((Side Note: Do you suppose it is worth the expence to upgrade from a D80 to the D200?))

  8. Dear Friend

    It is crrently 86 deg. and sunny. I am sure it would do nothing to cure your winter blues. Can’t invite you down strongly enough. Load up the veicle and follow I-75 to the end of the road. Turn Right. Pretty easy. We are heading out on a fishing trip with a quasi-famous guide next weekend. In honor of your memory, I will work on taking a few pictures. By the way, that picture is damn crisp and detailed, nearly looks fake. Getting too good with photoshop are we? Kidding of course. Hope you had fun in the snow yesterday!

  9. Violet

    my name is violet too!
    could you give more info aobut this flower, like how it grows and what are the uses for it.
    I need the information for a school powerpoint so i could really use your help!
    by the way i’m 11 in grade 6


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