“Madison Indiana Waterfalls”

Here is another shot of Ringwald falls that I got last Sunday, this a little known falls that sits right outside of Madison Indiana, there is another falls as least as twice as high as this one abut 200 yards down the creek, but it doesn’t have the water flow like this one does so I will have to wait till we get a good rain to to share a view of it.

As you can tell we have had quite a bit of ice and snow this winter and my patience with the season is starting to fade, hopefully within a few weeks the weather will break and I will be able to bring you the first of many wildflower images to you, thanks for stopping by and taking a look.



20 thoughts on ““Madison Indiana Waterfalls”

  1. Adam R. Paul

    Love the ice & falls, and the B&W fits perfectly! By way of contrast, I am very much looking forward to a weekend in the mountains with lots of snow to escape from the non-winter climate here 🙂

  2. aullori

    I have looked at this four times – at least. Honestly, and keep wondering what am I going to say? without sounding like an Obama groupie. 🙂 B&W; interesting. What really fascinates me is there is no black or at least barely any. I really like the shale (I’m assuming) backdrop to the falls and how the snow is built up. (Tho I imagine you hated being in it) it looks to me like it was worth the shot. It’s very difficult (in my opinion) to walk into a white world and find anything that catches your eye enough to photograph it. You chose a beautiful spot.

  3. forestrat

    Hang in there Bernie. Winter (in snowy areas anyway) is certainly a tough time to shoot. It looks great to the eye, but the camera has trouble. The open water and stones worked well here.

    I sometimes think that winter would be a good time for big wide landscapes, but I’m not really geared up for that – a nice medium or even large format camera would be great.

    I’ve seen some nice work in city-scapes done during the winter. I’ve been tempted to drive downtown myself, but so far have resisted.



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