Monthly Archives: March 2008

” Iris Portrait “

The wildflowers are still not out but they are very close, I may get a few early ones tomorrow, so in the mean time I shot this little Iris in my basement.

These are neat little flowers that cost about 2 dollars to shoot and I got quite a few shots out of this one. I shot this one with a black felt background and just a tad bit of light cast from a light clamp. It keeps me out of trouble and I can always tell my wife that I am hard a work so I can’t do all the little mundane chores that spring brings.

I do believe we are on the verge of spring really breaking out here soon, so hopefully my next shots will come from the woods instead of my basement, thanks for stopping by and taking a look.



” The Gnome “

I have been shooting a lot of flowers the last few days and been pretty busy at work as well, now I have some time too catch back up.

I shot a series of pansies and after looking at this one for a while I kind of got the impression it resembled a Gnome, the one on the Travelocity commercial  comes to mind, I may be off base and little winter fatigued but I do see a likeness. And then again I could be way off base and we can blame it on age !

Hope everyone is well and thanks as always for stopping by.


“I Need Green”

I can’t reiterate  enough how sick of winter that I am, so maybe thru some kind of karma, I will post this image from last spring with the hopes of hastening the season along.

Ok…. So I am full of it, but I thought you might enjoy this scene from The Great Smokey Mountain National Park that I captured last year, warm weather lush vegetation and flowing water are all components that went into this image and all are conditions I am yearning for daily.

So I will just keep hoping that the weather finally breaks and the wildflowers will start to emerge and until then I guess I will have to rely on old files to get my fix on spring.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


“Calla Lily”

Playing around with some Calla Lilies this week and came up with this shot and a few others, I have finally got the urge to shoot again after a long winter and basketball season, I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

I am hoping to get a break in the weather, it is up to almost 50 today and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, but alas we are expecting a couple snow or rain systems to push thru this week and bring us back to winter.  But I am feeling better because it won’t be long before I am outside and shooting again, so I should be able to post alot more images than I have lately, thanks for stopping by and taking a look.