“I Need Green”

I can’t reiterate  enough how sick of winter that I am, so maybe thru some kind of karma, I will post this image from last spring with the hopes of hastening the season along.

Ok…. So I am full of it, but I thought you might enjoy this scene from The Great Smokey Mountain National Park that I captured last year, warm weather lush vegetation and flowing water are all components that went into this image and all are conditions I am yearning for daily.

So I will just keep hoping that the weather finally breaks and the wildflowers will start to emerge and until then I guess I will have to rely on old files to get my fix on spring.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


30 thoughts on ““I Need Green”

  1. barbara

    I’d bet you for first one to take and post a real wildflower…but you live too far south. So I’m waiting, Bernie. Where IS the wildflower? Soon? Arrrgghhh.

  2. conchlife

    Tired of green? Then come down and mow my patch of grass I call a lawn? Your niece begged and pleaded last weekend until her mother put up a small pool to kill what little gras there is for you to mow. The sun is out, flowers are blooming, etc…Mayflower can always improve the weather!

  3. HeyJules

    It’s coming Bernie! Hold on! I saw my first robin redbreast last night and he said he was heading your way.

    GORGEOUS photo. I have GOT to get to the Smokey Mountains!

  4. kml

    I hear you, Bernie – we still have about a four foot ice pack here – usually it’s just about gone this time of the year. Spring cannot come soon enough! Great photo with hopes of what’s to come!

  5. aullori

    That is so beautiful – you know oddly… it reminds me of the Biblical reference to Israel. (“The land of milk and honey”) I guess in an interesting way this is how my ‘minds eye’ would visualize God’s promised land. I love how you captured the surface tension of the water – with that almost milky texture to it. Okay darn I’ve found myself running out of words again … everything about this photograph says calm, serene and lush. (Three things that go great together by the way!)

  6. JT

    Are you still burried under all that snow? It is like 90 and a sand storm over here. I have never seen so many camels on my desert travels either. Hope spring comes quickly for you my friend! Talk at you later, JT.

  7. Howard Grill

    Beautiful shot Bernie. The green is amazing. Do you remember where exactly the location is, because I think I might have been there on my trip to the Smokies last fall. It looks familiar!

  8. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Howard… I shot this on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail in the creek right below The Place of a Thousand Drips, boy that was a mouthful, that part of the park is one of my favorites !!

  9. Mark

    I have been to this spot also, great shot Bernie. I think the sentiment of being sick of winter is quite common. Pretty soon a boycott is in order.

  10. Richard Wong

    I woudln’t know what winter is like… but this scene looks appetizing. The moss resembles a northwestern type of environment more than what I’d think to see out there.


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