” The Gnome “

I have been shooting a lot of flowers the last few days and been pretty busy at work as well, now I have some time too catch back up.

I shot a series of pansies and after looking at this one for a while I kind of got the impression it resembled a Gnome, the one on the Travelocity commercialย  comes to mind, I may be off base and little winter fatigued but I do see a likeness. And then again I could be way off base and we can blame it on age !

Hope everyone is well and thanks as always for stopping by.



19 thoughts on “” The Gnome “

  1. Janet Wilkins

    Oh my gosh! I’ve seen you name on montucky’s blog and, I think, aullori’s too. Now, I wonder why I haven’t clicked on your link before. I love close-ups and your images are stunning!

    Speaking of your entry “I Need Green” … me too! This image looks like it could have been taken at Acadia National Park in ME. I LOVE IT!

  2. aullori

    Nice to see I’m a promoter now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Meanwhile, I just adore adore adore the thick yellow in this plant. I’m normally not a big fan of yellow however, that thick almost congested yellow framed perfectly by the thicker ice-blue filaments … dang, suddenly I feel like an inspired hungry bee! Brilliant shot, brilliant. (I dunno about the whole aspect of the dwarf and spent a lot of time looking.. it reminded me of cloud gazing with my kids… “nope, don’t see it… nope, um… {complete lie} oh yeah.. okay there it is!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bobbie

    Bernie, I think you do this image a disservice by comparing it to that ugly Travelocity gnome. (He should be so lucky!) Really, it’s a wonderful image. The colors and detail are breathtaking.

  4. calevphoto

    It took me awhile to see the gnome but once I see it I think you’re right! Still, gnome or no gnome I like the shot.

  5. ankush

    wow, aweswome shot, lovely colors Bernie!
    btw – did you say you did the matting yourself? was looking for some tips on that, if you did – what kind of cutter would you recommend?

  6. barbara

    I saw the gnome immediately – complete with bushy eyebrows. I’m always seeing things in my photos that blog visitors don’t get. Is it a recessive gene, Bernie? and I LOVE the colors. We had spring for a day here, now snow dump again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Soooon!

  7. Photo Buffet

    Leave it to you, Bernie, to come up with a gnome-in-a-pansy. ha!
    I wish we had pansies, but last night it froze here, and it’s 32 degrees this morning. I’m about to buy flowers just to have something to photograph!


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