” Iris Portrait “

The wildflowers are still not out but they are very close, I may get a few early ones tomorrow, so in the mean time I shot this little Iris in my basement.

These are neat little flowers that cost about 2 dollars to shoot and I got quite a few shots out of this one. I shot this one with a black felt background and just a tad bit of light cast from a light clamp. It keeps me out of trouble and I can always tell my wife that I am hard a work so I can’t do all the little mundane chores that spring brings.

I do believe we are on the verge of spring really breaking out here soon, so hopefully my next shots will come from the woods instead of my basement, thanks for stopping by and taking a look.



27 thoughts on “” Iris Portrait “

  1. montucky

    Another beautiful photo, Bernie! A shot like that makes the time spent well worthwhile! I know you’re anxious to be out in the woods again.

  2. HeyJules

    You truly are the flower man. That is a Japanese Iris if I’m not mistaken…smaller petals than their dutch counterparts. Either way, it’s a beauty.

  3. aullori

    Brilliant – I still am woefully wondering how your images just slice through the page with almost a three dimensional look. The edges look like they’ve been cut with a razor which only heightens the reason my grandmother loved purple so much… I’m pretty sure that this shot is why it was my grandmothers favorite color. The image offers the definition of the color and almost offers a direct conclusion as to why God created the color in the first place. This is regal, magnificent and with such a simple subject too. I think this kind of shot is the test to the photographer… If you can make an iris look like it’s worth a million dollars you can photograph just about anything. Lovely Bernie simply lovely.

  4. Lana

    I love the bright colors here & the contrast against the black. Very nice! Sorry for my recent absence…had some back trouble, but I’m better now.

  5. Richard Wong

    very stunning iris portrait Bernie. The light is perfect. hopefully spring brings you some good wildflowers. I’m hoping our season will last a few more weeks.

  6. Augphoto

    Excellent photo. Lighting and composition are right on and the color is fantastic. I guess you don’t need to be outdoors to get a great shot and have some fun.

  7. conchlife

    Time to get out of the house and shoot some fun stuff. It hsould be fast approaching Gobbler season in your direction. Not that the masses of this blog care to see a Turkey, but it is a reason to hit the woods and see what is out there. Life here is creeping toward summer time quickly. Speaking of which, could be ripe for a visit this direction. Oh yeah, nice picture, pretty darn vivid for a polaroid shot. HeHe

  8. tomwhelan

    I’m still waiting for wildflowers as well. Just garden stuff now, crocuses are past, now squill are blooming. Excellent color and light in this one!


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