Spring is Finally Here !!

After a very long cold and snowy winter spring finally came to Southern Indiana and Madison, the wildflowers are really bursting out all over the place and I have been getting a few decent shots, everyday brings forth more color and varieties so I should have a few images to post real soon.

I took a hike the night before last and got a few flower images but I also got this image of the cascade below Hoffman Falls in Clifty Fall State Park, the sun was setting behind me and gave the scene a shot of some interesting light. I am not sure I like the bright spot on the right side of the image, but I still think it turned out pretty good.

The creeks and falls are running wide open since we have received about 20 inches of rain since March 1, no kidding 20 inches, so I have been getting a few landscape shots as well. All in all it looks like spring may turn out a lot better than I first thought it would.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


25 thoughts on “Spring is Finally Here !!

  1. m. e.

    That’s a breathtaking photo. Thanks for sharing. And here in northern Illinois, spring has yet to arrive. (Mid-40s today with a very cold rain).

  2. montucky

    I like that bright spot. It draws my eye to it, then I leisurely scan back across the rest of the photo and savor it. Great work!

  3. davidlind

    Very nice. I like all of it and I’m so happy Spring reached you over there on the other side of these mountains. Thanks for your recent comments too. They have been very uplifting.

  4. army man

    hey great shot and nice light! I wish I was there with you! Not much going on here in the “Sands”. Been back n forth from BIAP a bunch. You always know how to work the water and bring out those greens. Can’t wait to get back and get to working on our plans. Have you worked out the location yet? Later, JT

  5. Richard Wong

    That is an impressive amount of rain Bernie. I really like how the warm light adds to the scene. I think you got it just right with that. Any more and it’d be contrasty, and any less there wouldn’t be any light.

  6. forestrat

    Spring lighting can be tricky. With no leaves on the trees and a still relatively low sun angle, hard tree trunk shadows start cutting across everything. Hey, it still beats frostbite, eh?

    The rocks in the foreground are what make this photo for me.


  7. Mr. B2B

    i have been here numerous times but never commented.
    Beautiful picture, and the amazing part is that your pictures actually load fully and rather quickly!
    Thanks for taking and sharing this

  8. Scott Thomas Photography

    Tough lighting conditions with such a dynamic range of light from darks to highlights. I’m not a big fan of HDR but this is the kind of scene which HDR is good at. Still, very well done.

    We had some warm spring days last week in upstate NY. Now, it’s looking like the cold that’s been out west is going to be making it’s way east. A bit of a slow down for the start of April.


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