“Virginia Bluebells from Indiana”

I have been spending a lot of time photographing wildflowers here in the Madison Indiana area and also the Smokey Mountains that I am just now getting around to posting some here for you to view.

I shot these Virginia Bluebells at Clifty Falls State Park early last week before I headed off on vacation, I really liked the blue coloring in these and they turned out to be pretty nice.

Thanks for taking a look and I should have a lot more images to follow !!


17 thoughts on ““Virginia Bluebells from Indiana”

  1. army man

    great shot, wonderful color. You have really got some use out of that macro haven’t you? I really enjoyed talking to you and will try again next week when I have more time. Keep the shots comin’, they never get old and you never cease to amaze me with your comps and creativity! Later, JT

  2. Richard Wong

    That blue is radiant! I like how you’re able to translate the style of imagery you’ve been doing in the studio to into the wild as well. It is nice to know that Clifty has stuff to shoot in every season. One of these springs I need to go back.

  3. aullori

    This little flower comes across as so lush (it almost looks edible dosen’t it?) Tracking down bluebells where none are wasted on the flower is so rare for me. This is a beautiful shot of a gorgeous flower.

  4. nouveaufauves

    I had some white Virginia Bluebells (albino) for a while but they finally died out. Your site is a favorite because you photograph what I love to see.
    These little wild flowers native to this region are dear to me.


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