Monthly Archives: May 2008

” Madison Indiana Bridge “

I thought I might post another shot of the Madison Milton Bridge that spans the Ohio River in Madison Indiana, I shot this one and a few others one foggy morning a few days back, I liked how the bridge disappeared into a fog bank and left you with a feeling of nothingness ( is that a word)

What was really strange was to be standing under the bridge and when a semi-truck would rumble over you could actually see the vibrations of the bridge thru the veiwfinder of the camera, I had it mounted on a tripod, which made seeing it possible. I always hate crossing that bridge, if you lived here you would know what I am talking about !

I actually printed this one off and it came out really nice, the B&W really looks cool with subjects like this, I might post the color version of this as well sometime, usually an image looks good in color or b&w, but this one is nice in both.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !


“Clifty Falls Columbine “

I have a lot of images I need to post but have been very far behind because of work related issues, this is a shot from Clifty Falls State Park, it took me a long time for this one and I am not really sure about the bg in this as well.

The wind had been blowing very hard that evening as it has been all spring, and when it finally died down I was almost out of light, but I waited it out and come out with this shot of the Wild Columbine. We had just experienced a little shower that just added to the beauty of this flower, but I am not sure if the bg in this might be a touch busy, I guess I can leave that up to the viewer since I am up in the air on it.

David asked me for a little commentary but right now I have been so busy with work that not much has been happening here, I hope everyone is having a nice spring, ours has been very cool and wet which has led to a lot of nice images for me.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

” Smokey Mountain Trillium “

Took a long weekend down to the Smokies a couple of weeks ago, to get some of the beautiful wildflowers that bloom so profusely there, I came across this scene off the Little Pigeon River.

It was getting very close to dark which gave it this blue color and mood, I could tell by the footprints that this subject had been shot pretty frequently so if you see the same shot somewhere on the web I promise I didn’t steal it !!

“Would You Eat This ?”

In between all the wildflower images I captured this year I was able to gather quite a few of these tasty little morsels, or should I say Morels, this little guy is the Black Morel one of the best edible mushrooms that grow anywhere.

You can usually find them in a lot of the same places that I get most of my wildflower images, deep humus rich hardwood forest with an abundance of Poplar or Black Cherry trees. If you can find the “right” place in the woods ( a very closely kept secret) and the conditions are right you can definitely pick a great harvest of this fungus.

I usually find my biggest crops after a few nights of 50 degree or higher temps and couple good soaking rains, finding them by the hundreds is not unheard of, but to be quite honest I couldn’t possible eat that many so I now leave plenty to propagate for the next years crop. I also like to make sure I pinch them off at the stem as not to disturb the underground system that keeps them coming back, and when picking them I always carry a potato bag so that the spoors can fall from the bag and reseed the population.

There is also the Yellow and White Morels in this area as well, but not nearly as many as the Black, that are just as edible. Just be very sure of what you are eating because there is just not that many mushrooms that you can go out and pick and bring home to eat, it is always better to go with someone who has hunted them for a while to make sure you know what you are doing.