“Would You Eat This ?”

In between all the wildflower images I captured this year I was able to gather quite a few of these tasty little morsels, or should I say Morels, this little guy is the Black Morel one of the best edible mushrooms that grow anywhere.

You can usually find them in a lot of the same places that I get most of my wildflower images, deep humus rich hardwood forest with an abundance of Poplar or Black Cherry trees. If you can find the “right” place in the woods ( a very closely kept secret) and the conditions are right you can definitely pick a great harvest of this fungus.

I usually find my biggest crops after a few nights of 50 degree or higher temps and couple good soaking rains, finding them by the hundreds is not unheard of, but to be quite honest I couldn’t possible eat that many so I now leave plenty to propagate for the next years crop. I also like to make sure I pinch them off at the stem as not to disturb the underground system that keeps them coming back, and when picking them I always carry a potato bag so that the spoors can fall from the bag and reseed the population.

There is also the Yellow and White Morels in this area as well, but not nearly as many as the Black, that are just as edible. Just be very sure of what you are eating because there is just not that many mushrooms that you can go out and pick and bring home to eat, it is always better to go with someone who has hunted them for a while to make sure you know what you are doing.


21 thoughts on ““Would You Eat This ?”

  1. Adam R. Paul

    Would I eat that? HELL YES 🙂 I love love love morels! I haven’t had the good fortune to find any (nor have I really tried), although I know they grow here too. I also didn’t know you were a mushroomer – finding edible mushrooms has always intrigued me, but I’m too chicken, even though there are plenty of unmistakable edibles here (along with morels, according to my foraging friends, we have chanterelles, candy caps (which you may already know make a WICKED bourbon infusion), and hedgehogs).

  2. davidlind

    Bernie they actually do look like they might be tasty. My wife hates mushrooms and I love them. So we never buy them. Maybe if I start bringing them home from the woods. .

    But I’m not sure I would dare to eat anything I picked in the woods. Besides blueberries or blackberries.

  3. conchlife

    I have spent just enough time in the woods to know what fertilizes those things. Funny thing, if some fungus is growing on your food in the fridge, you throw it out – if fungus is growing through the deer poop in the woods you eat it? No thank you. I will stick to normal food like the critters that live inside seashells. Meat = good. Regardless, a cool shot, you made a disgusting chunk of fungus look nice anyway.

  4. montucky

    By coincidence, I snapped a photo of a Morel the other day too. They grow in abundance here in the ashes of the fires and this year is expected to have a bumper crop and huge numbers of commercial pickers are expected at the sites of the big fires of last summer.

  5. Artist Boyd Greene

    Fine photo Bernie and interesting information as well. I have a friend that eats just about anything you can find in the woods, so, I wonder if he would be familiar with this little fungus?

  6. Bernie Kasper Post author

    Terry.. I figure you would have a bunch of them after the fires, I had heard they grow in abundance after such events !!

    Boyd..I am sure he has found and eaten these before !!

    Adam..Blue gill fillets and mushrooms in a beer batter mix fried to a golden brown, with a little bit of Catawba Wine to go with them !!

    David.. Make sure you know what you are bringing home first 😉

    Kathy..You are right about fresh picked food !!

    Ron..Come on where do you think I am FRANCE, this is Redneck Southern Indiana these are truffles to us !! 😉

    Steve..I will get a couple of bottles of that homemade Catawba wine in you and you be begging me to fry you up a batch !! 🙂

  7. Lana

    Although I wouldn’t eat it, I would say that it’s just an AWESOME shot! Sorry I’ve been AWOL lately, but I have company in from out of town.

  8. Bo

    I would eat a bucket of morels in a heartbeat. A huge favorite. I’ve had my eyes on the forest floor, but haven’t had any luck as of yet.

  9. aullori

    I’m happy you’ve found your fungi! From what I hear these guys are collected regularly in these parts. Once someone told me where but my mind lapsed and I’ve never recalled it. (They even showed me a jar full of them and boy, was I impressed.) I’m hoping one day to be lucky enough to stumble across them.

  10. forestrat

    I’ve seen morels here in New York to, but I’m not a mushroom fan. My grandmother used to send us kids out to the woods to find “puff balls”. I don’t know the real name. They are white amorphous globs when new. Later they turn brown, crack open, and puff out brown “smoke” when pressed in the autumn. She used to slice them up and saute them in butter. I was happy to collect them for her, but I stuck with PB&J.


  11. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, I kind of feak at the thought of picking wild mushrooms, because I’m not a good guesser. (Hmmm…is that *really* a Morrell like Bernie described, or is it a killer shroom?)

    This is such a beautiful mushroom. I’ve never seen one like it. I did see a pink and ivory checkered mushroom on a hike a few years back. Really pretty!


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