” Smokey Mountain Trillium “

Took a long weekend down to the Smokies a couple of weeks ago, to get some of the beautiful wildflowers that bloom so profusely there, I came across this scene off the Little Pigeon River.

It was getting very close to dark which gave it this blue color and mood, I could tell by the footprints that this subject had been shot pretty frequently so if you see the same shot somewhere on the web I promise I didn’t steal it !!


27 thoughts on “” Smokey Mountain Trillium “

  1. HeyJules

    The colors in this are fabulous, Bernie! Love the deep blue/deep green combo.

    Great composition also. Did you crop this at all or is this the sooc image?

  2. aullori

    I love this – the blue cast is an interesting way of offering a calming tone to the photograph. I also agree with Monarch it is perfectly framed. I adore your little violets as well in the photograph. (I’m really happy you tossed this up… I keep wondering where it is I should seek out this elusive trillium and at least now I have an idea of the typical area they shoot up in.) Beautiful shot Bernie.

  3. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, I love the thought you put into framing this image. The water in the background adds to the beauty of these amazing wildflowers. We have trillium in the Northwest, also, but I don’t run into them very often. The first time I saw them, we were on a trail through a stretch of redwoods on the coast. They look exotic!

  4. calevphoto

    I like the framing in this shot and the combination of waterfalls + flowers. The blue cast does bother me a bit though. You should be able to remove it using the RAW file.

  5. David

    I really like this photo a lot Bernie. And I wish you would add commentary regarding what you are doing these days. I hope you are well and enjoying all these wonderful spring flowers.


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