“Clifty Falls Columbine “

I have a lot of images I need to post but have been very far behind because of work related issues, this is a shot from Clifty Falls State Park, it took me a long time for this one and I am not really sure about the bg in this as well.

The wind had been blowing very hard that evening as it has been all spring, and when it finally died down I was almost out of light, but I waited it out and come out with this shot of the Wild Columbine. We had just experienced a little shower that just added to the beauty of this flower, but I am not sure if the bg in this might be a touch busy, I guess I can leave that up to the viewer since I am up in the air on it.

David asked me for a little commentary but right now I have been so busy with work that not much has been happening here, I hope everyone is having a nice spring, ours has been very cool and wet which has led to a lot of nice images for me.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


18 thoughts on ““Clifty Falls Columbine “

  1. montucky

    If this is a sample of what you’ve been saving, I can hardly wait to see the rest! Beautiful!

  2. Adam R. Paul

    Ooh, pretty! Crimson Columbine is one of my very favorite wildflowers (then again I say that about quite a few wildflowers :). Anyways, nicely seen & captured!

  3. Bo

    I don’t mind the diffused background – the fower is plenty to keep your eye focused there. I love this wildflower, mine aren’t quite in bloom in my yard, but soon.


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