” Madison Indiana Bridge “

I thought I might post another shot of the Madison Milton Bridge that spans the Ohio River in Madison Indiana, I shot this one and a few others one foggy morning a few days back, I liked how the bridge disappeared into a fog bank and left you with a feeling of nothingness ( is that a word)

What was really strange was to be standing under the bridge and when a semi-truck would rumble over you could actually see the vibrations of the bridge thru the veiwfinder of the camera, I had it mounted on a tripod, which made seeing it possible. I always hate crossing that bridge, if you lived here you would know what I am talking about !

I actually printed this one off and it came out really nice, the B&W really looks cool with subjects like this, I might post the color version of this as well sometime, usually an image looks good in color or b&w, but this one is nice in both.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !

33 thoughts on “” Madison Indiana Bridge “

  1. Bernie, “nothingness” sure does apply here!
    I think B/W does it justice–adds an ominous touch. The fog-shrouded bridge was a perfect subject on that foggy morning. Nice work!

  2. I can see why you hate to cross the bridge… with a view such as this from the bottom why would one even want to be up top. This is a beautiful picture Bernie… the fog adds a ‘twilight zone’ feel to it. Awesome! Oh and Yes nothingness is a word in an image such as this!

  3. I was in Madison on Monday with my sons and we were fortunate to see the Delta Queen anchored at the ramp just off West St.

    I enjoy seeing the bridge from there. I’ve made several trips to Madison this year as I’ve been driving and documenting the Michigan Road.

    Of course, none of my photos of this bridge do it anywhere near the justice yours does!

  4. This is nice, yes, very nothingness. It’s a great b/w shot. I don’t like trembly bridges so I may avoid this one.

    BTW, I just read an article abut your Madison – I think about all the old buildings downtown. And they had a piece on Clifty. I thought – “Hey, I’ve seen a lot of that park!” 🙂

  5. wow – it looks like it just rises up out of the water – from nowhere. And it looks so tall – great angle and composition!

  6. That is really wicked – I like how the bridge slowly disappears in the fog.. lovely touch. I agree with the nothingness aspect that would be my favorite part about it too. Great catch! I also like the b&w as well it looks menacing and dangerous. Not in a Ted Bundy type of way but more like James Dean. Was that a compliment? I guess only if you liked the movie “Giant.” I did. 😉

  7. This actually looks to have a steel blue tone to me. Actually quite fitting with the subject – makes the bridge look even more ominous.

  8. My wife had to drive over this bridge in Driver’s Education Class. The girl (T.C.) who was actually driving at the time got so scared she took her hands off the wheel and covered her eyes and screamed. A fantastic shot! (actually I made it my background screen on my office computer..everyone loves it. Somewhere I have a shot from 1977 or so standing directly under the bridge that my grandpa tok when we walked across the river. It was sort of eerie even in color. I hope to get some shots loaded on my page taken with my new toy soon. My best to all.

  9. After reading cruxphoto’s comment…he could not be more correct…….it IS a bridge to nowhere…..have you ever been to Milton, KY?…apologies to any Miltonites,I couldn’t resist.

  10. I love it! I take it this is early morning from the hint of sun and the southern slant of the bridge. I love the fact that you can’t see it but you know that the bank of the river is eerily and ominously stating that Kentucky is hiding, just there, out of site. Great one for sure. I wish that bridge reached all the way here and I could just walk over it back home. I cross the bridge over the euphrates river several times a week, in the dark and always sigh in relierf when I see the street lights and know I am almost at “home” here in Iraq. Later, JT

  11. I really like how the diagonal of the bridge leads your eye, and then leaves it hanging in the fog. Fantastic photo – I’m sure it’s even better framed & matted!

  12. You had captured the moment the thick fog which made the bridge mysterious and unigue.Just imagine how the motorists crossing..Beautiful shot

  13. Great shot! I love the colors and the angle of the shot. It’s not just that the weather was perfect for it – you found the perfect exposure and position to magnify it.

  14. If there is that motion you should stop way down and shoot 2 sec shot just as a truck rolls over the bridge to see the blurring in the photo.

    would be especially effective at night.

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