Monthly Archives: June 2008

Clematis Closeup

Here is a closeup of a clematis thought I shot, the colors in this and the spiked stamens make this an interesting bloom to photograph, when I can’t get myself motivated to shoot I can always fall back on flowers to give me a subject worth working with.


Madison Indiana Columbine

How about this, another post in one week, I had a little time today so I thought I would post this shot of a Wild Columbine shot just outside of my hometown of Madison. This little wildflower was shot up in a “holler” as we call our canyons around here, just outside the city limits.

The hills and “hollers” that surround our community offer a suitable environment to host the numerous wildflowers that appear each spring, many can found growing into the town itself. They actually make a beautiful addition to the more cultivated gardens that dot our city, some adapt very easily and others don’t seem to fare as well.

Flowers such as the Columbine have flourished in many of the local gardens but others such as the Large Flowered Trillium have never been able to adapt, I guess this gives me a reason to get out and hike and shoot a few images each spring.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Ohio River Barge in Fog

I thought I might post another b&w image, this time of a barge traveling up the Ohio River near Madison Indiana shrouded in fog. The barge had just moved under the Madison Bridge when I captured this image, I felt like the fog added a mysterious and surreal feel to the scene, the river traffic along the Ohio can be a great place to shoot images if I would just take the time to search them out !

I need to concentrate more on this aspect of my work, but sometimes when you live someplace long enough you don’t get the same feel for it as people who don’t witness it as often get. There are many beautiful buildings in my hometown of Madison that people travel many miles to come to see and photograph, but I guess I take it all for granted because it always seems like more of a chore to photograph them and the other tourists stops in my area.

I think maybe my biggest problem would be I am not much of people person, and when I would set up on these spots to shoot people would invariably come and ask questions and try to shoot the same thing I was trying to photograph. I always ended up feeling rushed or hurried and I worried that would affect my work, so I always try to concentrate on images away from people and the other distractions in life.

I think thats why I like the internet so much, if someone asks a question I can answer in a little slower pace or I don’t have someone down my throat. And don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with someone asking a question, sometimes I just don’t feel like talking to people, I know that sounds bad but after coaching basketball for fifteen years and working with the general public for thirty I just feel like a little piece and quite sometimes.

I know this probably makes me seem like an old grouch, but I really am not, I do enjoy the blog world much more than the outside one it has a much better pace that I enjoy. So I hope my rambling doesn’t scare you off and I also don’t have a problem answering any questions it just might take me a bit of time to answer them. 😉

Lily of the Valley

Here is a shot of a not so wildflower, Lily of the Valley, a women I work with brought me a cupful of these not to long ago wondering if I could get her an image of her favorite flower.

After she dug them up and presented them to me I didn’t think I stood a chance of getting anything remotely positive out of this bunch of flowers, everything I usually shoot is either fresh cut or still in the ground, but with digital photography just about anything is possible and they actually turned out pretty nice.

I had to tape them to the back ground to keep them from drooping any farther and really had to work with the cloning tool to take out the brown and dried spots that had begun to form. What had started out to be a no way situation actually ended up being kinda of a challenge that I really enjoyed trying to pull off.

That has to be one of my favorite things about photography, and that is the ability to take a mundane object and turn into something beautiful, with the help of Photoshop and tape !!