Ohio River Barge in Fog

I thought I might post another b&w image, this time of a barge traveling up the Ohio River near Madison Indiana shrouded in fog. The barge had just moved under the Madison Bridge when I captured this image, I felt like the fog added a mysterious and surreal feel to the scene, the river traffic along the Ohio can be a great place to shoot images if I would just take the time to search them out !

I need to concentrate more on this aspect of my work, but sometimes when you live someplace long enough you don’t get the same feel for it as people who don’t witness it as often get. There are many beautiful buildings in my hometown of Madison that people travel many miles to come to see and photograph, but I guess I take it all for granted because it always seems like more of a chore to photograph them and the other tourists stops in my area.

I think maybe my biggest problem would be I am not much of people person, and when I would set up on these spots to shoot people would invariably come and ask questions and try to shoot the same thing I was trying to photograph. I always ended up feeling rushed or hurried and I worried that would affect my work, so I always try to concentrate on images away from people and the other distractions in life.

I think thats why I like the internet so much, if someone asks a question I can answer in a little slower pace or I don’t have someone down my throat. And don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with someone asking a question, sometimes I just don’t feel like talking to people, I know that sounds bad but after coaching basketball for fifteen years and working with the general public for thirty I just feel like a little piece and quite sometimes.

I know this probably makes me seem like an old grouch, but I really am not, I do enjoy the blog world much more than the outside one it has a much better pace that I enjoy. So I hope my rambling doesn’t scare you off and I also don’t have a problem answering any questions it just might take me a bit of time to answer them. ๐Ÿ˜‰


26 thoughts on “Ohio River Barge in Fog

  1. Bo

    Bernie, I love this b/w. And I understand totally the blog thing. I like my quiet, too, and the pace of blogging fits me to a T, too.
    I’ve read about the beautiful buildings in your town, and wondered why you never shot them. Now I understand completely. Plus your flower and waterfall photos are perfect, so I’m glad you spend your time in Clifty Falls.

  2. Adam R. Paul

    That’s a lovely, moody photo, you grumpy old man ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I know what you mean about folks asking questions – I get that a lot when I’m out photographing birds, especially since that usually entails a tripod and large’ish, white lens.

  3. Mark

    I can relate to what you are saying here Bernie. Especially where there are no other photographers, photographing in a public place can be a real pain in the ….

  4. HeyJules

    Bernie, I’m willing to be most of the bloggers in the web world feel the same way. I’m so much more comfortable talking to people I’ve never met online than I am in person. It never drains your energy or detracts from your focus because you are in control of how much of yourself you give away.

    Maybe that’s a good thing and maybe that’s a bad thing. For now, though, I use the Internet as a way of staying connected with people when I’d rather just walk off into the woods somewhere and live a monastic life.

    The mood of your image is quiet beautiful. I’d live there, if I could…

  5. Photo Buffet

    Hey Bernie…I get your drift. Because I’m a writer, I’ve learned that in order to accomplish anything & meet deadlines, I need to focus. That means lots of time by myself. Add photography to the mix, and I can come off sounding like a hermit. I do like people, but sometimes work (and inspiration) requires alone time.

    Your foggy ship looks like it sailed right out of a docudrama! It’s moody, and I can almost hear a movie soundtrack. It’s great how you captured the glint off the water, yet retained that dark, mysterious atmoshphere in the background. Very nice!

  6. Gaye Johnson

    Oh, Bernie, the barge picture is exactly how I feel today. I feel emotion when looking at your barge picture and when I first looked at it I felt it was very mysterious. I like the feel it gives me.
    AND I agree with your commment above..I think I have a bit of both in me about being alone and being with people..I tend to be disappointed with people sometimes and very seldom disappointed when out doing my photography alone with the birds and nature. I seek out those times with my camera…but people are so funny and so curious about what I’m doing. The birds and animals never ask me anything ๐Ÿ™‚ They only give to me.

  7. kml

    I think most artists like to be alone – I’ll take it that way any day of the week.

    I like the mystery in this shot – well done!

  8. Richard Wong

    The mood is incredible Bernie. I don’t know how you did it, but I really dig this. Reminds me of an old Russian submarine from the Cold War.

    For the street stuff, you could either shoot at dawn when nobody is out. Or just do handheld when it is bright out, not many would ask questions in that case.

  9. Ken

    Hi Bernie,
    You’re doing a magnificent job of conveying in your images the beauty of Southeast Indiana — a region I’ve not visited since I was a child. I’m particularly drawn to your floral shots. You’ve got a great eye.


  10. Conchlife

    Amazing shot, especially for the time of year you shot it. Perhaps it is the warmer air than the usual winter steam rising that gives the picture such warmth and depth for a B&W type shot. As for your old man moodiness, as long as you have not resorted to walking around town in shorts up to your neck, black shoes, white socks, and a fanny pack, you will be alright.

    Enjoy your peaceful relaxing trip to the mountains with the kids.

  11. armyman

    Very moody shot and one that evokes the very nature of the river and its roll in our area. I love the moonlight reflecting off the water and the fog rising ominously around the barge. Must have been a hard shot with high ISO and a moving subject. I hope you didn’t have a time PS’n it. I agree with Conchlife as to your disposition, youi don’t sound that bad when I talk to you on the phone! Later, JT

  12. Stevo

    This is wonderfully moody. Wonderful capture.

    I understand what your saying about become blind to your own backyard. It’s hard to keep your own POV fresh. That happens to me.

    What makes it worse is trying to shoot while being a visible minority. Minority status + DSLR = attention. Difficult if you trying to capture street images.

  13. Sandy

    I think you did a great job with this. It certainly creates a mood.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog,
    Sandy from gardenpath

  14. matt

    Reading the book “River Horse” by the great author “Least Heat Moon”, right now. I’m down the Ohio in the book and ready to enter the Big Muddy. This photo really puts meat to the book on the “OHIO”.


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