Madison Indiana Columbine

How about this, another post in one week, I had a little time today so I thought I would post this shot of a Wild Columbine shot just outside of my hometown of Madison. This little wildflower was shot up in a “holler” as we call our canyons around here, just outside the city limits.

The hills and “hollers” that surround our community offer a suitable environment to host the numerous wildflowers that appear each spring, many can found growing into the town itself. They actually make a beautiful addition to the more cultivated gardens that dot our city, some adapt very easily and others don’t seem to fare as well.

Flowers such as the Columbine have flourished in many of the local gardens but others such as the Large Flowered Trillium have never been able to adapt, I guess this gives me a reason to get out and hike and shoot a few images each spring.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


26 thoughts on “Madison Indiana Columbine

  1. Ken

    Hello Bernie,
    What a coincidence — I was out just last night photographing wild columbines here in Southcentral Alaska. Looks like exactly the same flower you have there in Indiana. One thing I didn’t get in my shots that you did with this one is the dew, which really adds to the shot. The tiny details beyond lighting and composition can make such a difference. After seeing your shot, I’m thinking I’ll set the alarm for extra early Saturday morning and see if I can’t get back out there and accomplish a little “dew dilligence.”
    Meanwhile, thanks once again for the inspiration.

  2. gayejohnson

    This is a beauty, Bernie! What a treat to see ‘how you do it’……and the drops make it more perfect. Your lighting is fantastic and exactly what the flower needed. Thanks!

  3. Ulla

    I love the small drops of dew on the wild columbine, and I love the way the light is on the picture. It looks so soft and fresh!

  4. forestrat

    When working in the field, do you ever use something for backgrounds – like a chunk of black mat board or whatever – to help isolate the flowers?


  5. Photo Buffet

    This has the classic “Bernie” look. I love its gentle lines and those droplets are the icing on the cake (or the honey mustard on the hot dog). There’s lots to see in this one image. It’s beautiful, Bernie!

  6. Sherin

    Bernie, this picture drove me crazy. You didn’t say that you are professional photographer 😦

    You have enough bullets in your hand man. Load it and shoot to the aim… wish you all the success….

    I am copying this picture with your permission, to put as a desktop in my Blackberry..

    Sherin –

    (the above address I given in an intention to made a back link. If you don’t like, just inform me and I will remove the same 🙂 ) I know this pic will get lots of attention… nice work friend. You are blessed with a good skill. I am thanking to god for that on behalf of you…



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