Clematis Closeup

Here is a closeup of a clematis thought I shot, the colors in this and the spiked stamens make this an interesting bloom to photograph, when I can’t get myself motivated to shoot I can always fall back on flowers to give me a subject worth working with.


31 thoughts on “Clematis Closeup

  1. forestrat

    I love that blue color, Bernie. Positioning the center of the flower off to the side gives the eye a chance to move back and forth between the colors. Very nice.


  2. Photo Buffet

    I’ve never seen this color of clematis. I love it! I have deep blue delphinium growing in my backyard, though.

    I love photographing clematis because there’s so much to work with. You’ve done a beautiful job capturing its beauty.

  3. Ryan

    Flowers are always a good choice. They stay still for you and don’t complain.

    Did you do much post processing on this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue flower.

  4. YogaforCynics

    Wow…just astounding…I’m a freak for purple anyway but this is otherworldly…which is a lame word since it implies that beauty and wonder don’t belong in this world…who was it that said talking about art was like “dancing about architecture”?

    Actually, I think it was talking about music…man, I can’t seem to talk about much of anything at the moment.

    Cool picture.


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