“Madison Indiana Wildflowers”

Here is another wildflower shot from this spring, and this one might get me into trouble because I always get the exact title of this flower wrong, so I think I will go with Wood Anonme on this and if I am wrong I will be able to take anyone else’s positive identification as a learning experience.

There is a whole group of these little flowers that look so much a like that I guess you have to go by how many leaflets or stamens to get a good idea on exactly what it is, so I hope I am at least close on this one.

The many wildflowers that I shot this spring all have there own qualities that add to their beauty, this one seemed to be growing along side this large green leafed plant that added a wonderful contrast to the blooms of this flower. Also the white blooms themselves are a work of art with the intricate white petals and stamens, that is why I love macro photography so much, all the intricate and beautiful details we miss seeing in the world above them.

I have found that the area in which I live is a mecca for wildflower photography, Clifty Falls State Park is just one example of the many great places that are full of photographic wildflower opportunities, all the hardwood hills that line the Ohio River is another wonderful place to shoot as well. And having my hometown of Madison Indiana right in the middle of this beautiful area doesn’t hurt as well.

So if you live close by and don’t want to travel far you might give this area a try and I would be glad to help you out in any way.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a look !


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