“Southern Indiana Wildflowers”

Sorry for the long absence, but I have been busy working on a project here in Madison, hopefully by the first of September things will beup and running and I can let you in on what I have been doing.

So to hold you over here are a couple wildflower shots from this spring, hope you enjoy them and I will try to get caught up on everyones blogs over the next couple of days. Take care and I will talk to you later.


20 thoughts on ““Southern Indiana Wildflowers”

  1. army man

    Hey, nice ones. Been keeping busy and still working my problems out. Joyce is back and heading to work at the downtown brach on Mon. Hope you get your project off the ground. Still looking like Thanksgiving for our return, hope to make the big game! Keep plugging away and it will work out eventually! Keep me informed and I’ll give you a call when I can. Later, JT

  2. JH

    Great photos of the Southern Indiana Wildflowers !

    You have a great series of flower photos, maybe you can do a photo book from there !

    Thanks for sharing !


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