Monthly Archives: September 2008

“Hurricane Hits Madison Indiana”

As crazy as the title implies that is exactly what happened Sunday September 14, after slamming the Texas Gulf Coast, the Remnants of Hurricane Ike made their way North East up thru the Ohio Valley bringing sustained winds of 50 mph with gusts of 80 mph.

The storm uprooted thousands of trees shutting the power off to half a million people from Paducah Kentucky to Cincinnati Ohio, I lost power from Sunday afternoon to Early Saturday morning. Damage in my neighborhood was limited to tree damage and shingles being blown off roofs, other homes were severely damaged by uprooted trees and even roofs being completely blown off structures.

Luckily only minor injuries were reported in our area but I believe there was a loss of lives in Kentucky from the winds, some of those big limbs and trees could really cause some serious injuries and even death if you would have happened to have been in the wrong place.

Losing power for a week was not nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be, we had great weather and good neighbors, some people were losing their patience with the Duke Energy repair men but I thought they did a wonderful job considering the incredible scope and size of the blackout.

We were able to get warm water and hot food so the time we spent without power wasn’t that bad, being without the Internet and other electronic gear was the biggest drawback but we got thru it with candles and board games. It wasn’t something I would not want to experience in the heat of summer or the cold of winter but it was definitely not the end of the world and we all seemed to work thru it all right.

I shot quite a few images of the damage so I thought might share a few with you if I can figure out how to use my computer again.


“Madison Indiana JFD Lanier Mansion”

I thought I might post something a little different, I shot this one last March after about a foot of snow, I really liked the beautiful warm light in this, the only problem was I shot it as a jpeg which limits my ability to blow the image up very large.

I thought I would post this image because in a couple of weeks we will be hosting the Madison Chautauqua in this very spot and I thought it might make a “cool” contrast to the end of summer event. In excess of 50,000 plus will crowd the Historic district of Madison Indiana to view the various arts and crafts that will line the city streets.

And hopefully the gallery me and a friend of mine are working on will finally be open for the event, when we get the “West Street Art Center” up and going for sure I will try to really use this blog to push this endeavor, and let you all in on all the events and other happenings we hope to put on here.

I hope you like the image and if you get a chance to come to the Madison Chautauqua maybe you can stop by and take a look to see what we are doing.