“Hurricane Hits Madison Indiana”

As crazy as the title implies that is exactly what happened Sunday September 14, after slamming the Texas Gulf Coast, the Remnants of Hurricane Ike made their way North East up thru the Ohio Valley bringing sustained winds of 50 mph with gusts of 80 mph.

The storm uprooted thousands of trees shutting the power off to half a million people from Paducah Kentucky to Cincinnati Ohio, I lost power from Sunday afternoon to Early Saturday morning. Damage in my neighborhood was limited to tree damage and shingles being blown off roofs, other homes were severely damaged by uprooted trees and even roofs being completely blown off structures.

Luckily only minor injuries were reported in our area but I believe there was a loss of lives in Kentucky from the winds, some of those big limbs and trees could really cause some serious injuries and even death if you would have happened to have been in the wrong place.

Losing power for a week was not nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be, we had great weather and good neighbors, some people were losing their patience with the Duke Energy repair men but I thought they did a wonderful job considering the incredible scope and size of the blackout.

We were able to get warm water and hot food so the time we spent without power wasn’t that bad, being without the Internet and other electronic gear was the biggest drawback but we got thru it with candles and board games. It wasn’t something I would not want to experience in the heat of summer or the cold of winter but it was definitely not the end of the world and we all seemed to work thru it all right.

I shot quite a few images of the damage so I thought might share a few with you if I can figure out how to use my computer again.


22 thoughts on ““Hurricane Hits Madison Indiana”

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  2. Ron in L.A.

    The National Hurricane Center had stopped issuing reports before it got close to you. Having been through several hurricanes, the only way I’ve learned to measure it is by waiting for Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel shows up. Wherever he is, you don’t want to be. Glad you got through ok.

    R(etc… )

  3. Jim

    Bernie, I’m glad you and yours only had to deal with loss of power. I’m shocked to see the roof and top of that one brick home crushed.

  4. Robin

    Power was out at our place (in northeastern Ohio) from Sunday through Friday because of Ike. My husband and I were on vacation at the time so we missed the destruction as it took place (just have the clean-up now that we’re home). What amazed me was that there was barely a word about it on the news.

    What a mess, eh? The first and list photos…wow. Glad you’re ok.

  5. wren

    Scary photos. I knew there had been a lot of damage from some other blogs and from talking to friends with family in the midwest.

    Taking the train into Chicago, we went through Indiana. It seemed to take as long as the entire rest of the trip because the tracks were in such bad shape.

  6. Lana Gramlich

    My sympathies, completely. Fortunately you were only hit by tropical storm force winds, not hurricane force! We always keep a book of “Mad Libs” handy for such occurrences. Helps keep you laughing even when things are dark, stormy & uncertain. When I saw the local power co. guys restoring our neighborhood’s power days after Gustav, I stopped to tell them that I loved them. They seemed to appreciate that.

  7. ankush

    thanks for sharing, that looks pretty intense.
    wow, one week without power sounds scary, its kind of funny that it seems funny to me now, because growing up in india, we would have power outages very frequently, in fact we had one designated day of the week for each neighborhood, that we would not deliberately not have power, because of the scarcity of resources, and not having enough power to make up for the demand….

  8. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, I’m a lagger. So sorry to hear about your damage, but thankful your family is safe. Those pictures are incredible, especially the one of the tree literally buckling the sidewalk!

    Stay well. You don’t need that kind of excitement in your life.

  9. JH

    Quite a fair bit of damage on property and landscape with this hurricane, hope everything is alright there and things would get back to normal again.

  10. Peace

    huricane ike’s remenant kill more people in Indiana than in any stat than Texas. !5 in texas and 15 in in other states 7 of which were in Indiana.


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