Monthly Archives: October 2008

“Madison Indiana Sunset”

Here is another shot of the bridge, but this time I was looking west into the sunset from Milton Kentucky towards Madison. The sky had been pretty dull all evening but about the time the sun dropped below the western horizon, the sky took on these beautiful colors, there weren’t many clouds in the sky to hold the color so I had to shoot pretty quickly to get these before darkness set in.

And now for the real story !!

And as you can also tell I actually enhanced the saturation in this a bit to get the desired effect, how much wiggle room and leeway do you give yourself artistictly to get the desired effect of the image you are after ?

Do you feel it is a betrayal to photography to manipulate the color to create an image ?

I actually added about 25% saturation boost and a surface blur to get the water to smooth out like this, other than that I don’t add much to an image, I know the effect really added a different look to the scene as I viewed it.

I guess to photographers this can be viewed as overkill, but to the average buyer, sometimes with me it seems they like it a little more on the saturated side.  If you sell many prints do you find this to be the case with your clients ?

I am starting to find that the things I like are definitely not what the general public like, so hopefully I will be able to adapt to their taste and fill the niche, that at least around here needs to be filled.


“Sunrise Over Madison Indiana”

Here is one from the other morning, I waded out onto a sandbar to get the perspective upriver, the light shining thru the morning fog was absolutely gorgeous that morning. I wasn’t really sure if I liked the ducks in the image but now after looking at it I don’t particularly think they hurt it either.

I really like shooting this bridge it just seems to give me so many different moods when I am able to photograph it, I would also like to spend more time shooting river images but I just can’t seem to be able to cram enough of hours into a day. I always say I am going to make it a point to shoot more of a certain type of image  and then usually something in life gets in the way.

I am just hoping to get enough time to shoot some images from this coming fall. I plan on a couple quick trips to the Smokies and then some work at Clifty and that will probably take what spare time I have, then it’s on to winter  which I am really not looking forward to.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look I hope you enjoy the images I really appreciate all the comments and support you have giving me over the last year or so and hopefully I will be able to share a image or two you might like in the coming weeks.  ( Best seen Large)

“Oh Crap, Not Flowers Again”

Sorry…More flowers, it looks like Hurricane Ike did a number on the leaves this year and it has also been very dry, so if things don’t change quickly I guess it will be all flowers this fall.

This little flower, a coreopsis I believe actually survived the Hurricane force winds in my yard, nearly every other flower was shredded from the storm.

I was going to post some pictures of the gallery we have been working on but as you probably guessed we had some wind damage and are going to have to replace the roof, thank God for insurance, so things are little behind right now.

We just had the Chautauqua here in Madison Indiana the weather was great but sales were lousy, alot of fear with the economy right now, glad photography is not my day job or I would be starving about now.