“Impressionistic Reflections”

Been kind of slow around here lately , really bad fall this year no colors, now it is so blasted cold in November I don’t even want to go outside.  At least I am not coaching basketball this year, for the first time in fifteen years, so I really don’t have an excuse for not getting any work done….Rightttt!!!

So I have been working some images I did get earlier this fall, and this is one of them, a shot of the reflections and only the reflections of a group of trees in a creek. I was trying to create one of those impressionistic images I have been seeing on the net the last few weeks, hopefully this comes close to what I was after.  I kinda like the effect but I am not to sure about the color, I wish I could have got some vivid fall colors in this but it wasn’t meant to be this year.

I guess I am going to have to make some visits to the florist so I can start shooting again and get the old creative juices flowing, thanks for stopping by and having a look !!



26 thoughts on ““Impressionistic Reflections”

  1. davidlind

    Looks good Bernie. I’m sure you are going through a major transition without the basketball. Filling a void that large can be a challenge. But you can do it. I’m sure you can do it.

    Photography can help you do it. It’s going to be around long after basketball is a distant memory.

  2. Bo

    I love impressionist shots like this – well done.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Bernie.
    When the snow flies, there will be plenty of new scenes to get. A mixed blessing there, for sure…

  3. Mark

    Don’t feel bad about not getting out Bernie, same here. Didn’t shoot much fall color at all, and before I knew it, it was below freezing. Crazy midwest weather!

  4. Lana

    I love the cool tones. I’ve always enjoyed shooting reflections, myself. Sometimes I flip them upside down, which makes for quite a surreal scene!

  5. Sherri Meyer

    It works for me. You might try saturating the magenta a little bit in the lower right. But, it is a “wall hanger” just the way it is. Nice work!

    Too bad your color was not up to par this year. I have heard others say the same thing in various parts of the country. Hopefully, next year will be better for everyone!

  6. Eric Blackwell

    I would love to post a link to each of your photo updates on Southern Indiana Times so that people can follow your blog. I have visited your blog often for the past couple of years and would love to send other people to see your wonderful pictures.

    I will put the links up later today. Please let me know if you do not want the links (but I don’t know why you wouldn’t!).


    Eric Blackwell
    Jeffersonville Indiana


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