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“Madison Indiana Ice Storm “

It has once again been a long time since I posted anything here, since my last post my computer has crashed and I had to buy a new one but the new one didn’t work , so after along and frustrating process I finally found one I think will work out.  Thankfully I had all my images backed up but I lost a bunch of software and I then had to go out and repurchase that and I went ahead and bought CS4 as well, none of this was cheap I can promise you that, but as of right now I am shooting images and processing again.

If that wasn’t bad enough we have had a pretty cold winter and about two weeks ago in the middle of the night our furnace broke down, that was another major purchase and something else to go wrong, I guess maybe I am just doing my little part to help stimulate the economy. But as bad as all that seems it can be much worse and it is for many people in our part of the country !!

One of the worst ice storms in recent memory has crippled a large part of our area, mostly Central Kentucky and South Central Indiana, over 500,000 are without power and are not expected to get it back for 7-10 days.  Here in Madison power outages were limited to about 1800 but the father west into the county you went power outages were much more numerous and the damage widespread. I went thru a week without power after Hurricane Ike carved a path of widespread damage thru the area, but that was in September and the weather was warm, I couldn’t even begin to understand what it would be like to do it thru the coldest part of winter.

Hopefully the power crews can get everyone up and running soon and people can resume somewhat of a normal life. I have tried to get out and get a few shots but the roads have been so bad that even with my four-wheel drive travel has been treacherous at best, I shot a few images that were close to home but I think today I will be able to travel and get more images to share.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.