” Ice Berry “

Another shot from the ice storm of last week, things here in Madison have gotten back to normal,  but many counties in Kentucky are still without power.  Last night we got another 4 inches of snow with wind chills below zero…If you want to call that normal !

Still no school today and I am really starting to get cabin fever, I make a few trips out in the cold for a few shots but I really need spring to get here soon or I am going to drive my family nuts !  The weatherman is saying a few more days of cold followed by a nice warm-up, up to 45 degrees WOW,  and then to finish the month with more heavy snow and cold. The good thing is spring is less than 50 days away and hopefully I can get out and shoot wildflowers by the end of March !

The image you see is from some kind of decorative bush growing along the river walk here, I thought the warm reds and cool ice made a great contrast,  it was not an easy image to get with the wind blowing as hard as it was but it turned out alright and was worth the trip out to get it. There have been a bunch of wonderful scenes I have had the opportunity to shoot and I have captured a few nice ones but I will take warm weather photography over cold weather anytime !

Like I said there isn’t a whole lot of winter left and I can only hope it gets a little warmer and drier so I can get out of the house before I go nuts,  thanks for stopping by and having a look !!


24 thoughts on “” Ice Berry “

  1. That’s cool and beautiful…the photography that I admire. I don’t even have a chance to lay a hand on clicking as I am from a tropical country where everyday is hot and sunny.

  2. I’m thinking of how many photographers would moan, “There’s nothing to shoot,” when faced with the kind of weather you have been having. This is a perfect illustration (literally) of how WRONG they are. This is a superb image.


  3. Bernie, My husband and I visited Madison, Indiana the week of 7/14/10 and noticed several flowering tree/bushes growing in and around the downtown area. they looked similar to a lilac bush and were a bright pink color. they were beautiful, Do you know what they were? Thanks!

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