” Winter Creek “

Another shot from the ice storm we experienced a couple weeks ago,  temperatures have now rebounded and it looks like we are in for a bout of heavy rain and thunderstorms, I will take that over winter weather anytime !!

It’s hard to believe but people are still without power in south central Kentucky and it could take another ten days to get all the power back up,  back here at home things are back to normal,  in about another month I could actually be shooting early season wildflowers…. I can’t tell you how ready I am !!

This is a shot from a bridge overlooking Big Creek here in the Madison Indiana area, I really liked this as a b&w and the curve in the creek is kinda neat, I drove around for few hours looking for comps in the snow and ice and came up with a couple that I enjoyed.  The ice storm brought a lot of beauty too the area but I am ready for the color and warmth of spring, I don’t find much color in winter so I convert just about all of it to b&w I guess it reflects my state of mind about the season !!

I am sure just about everyone else is tiring of winter as well so I won’t bore you with my complaining too much, hopefully wherever you are is beginning to make the turn towards warmer weather and the beauty of spring, hang in there it is just around the corner !!



15 thoughts on “” Winter Creek “

  1. Bo

    This is a great winter shot, the creek really makes your eye move through the photo. Though I am more than ready for some spring color myself. I’m hoping mid-March, but that might be wishful thinking.

  2. Jesse

    What camera do you shoot with? I live in utah and in the winter my nikon D90 gets really sluggish in the cold. But snow really does make for some nice contrasty pictures. You should come see my utah wedding photography website that explains how to turn your talents into a business through some effective marketing online. I’m trying to let people know that it is possible to market effectively with little or no money, because most photographers lose all their money on equipment

  3. Thomas

    I love Black & White photos! On a side note, I added you to my blogroll. I’d appreciate a link back, if that’s at all possible. Love your blog!

    Thomas 🙂


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