” Madison Indiana Courthouse Fire “

I thought I might post a few more shots of the fire that nearly destroyed the Jefferson County Courthouse in Madison Indiana. The fire did not completely destroy the structure the dome and roof were completely burnt up, but the other parts of the building wrer spared except for water and smoke damage.  The files that dated backed to the Civil War were largely intact and were being freeze dried for further restoration, the fire did a lot of damage but with great work from the Madison and surrounding area Fire Departments they were able to save most of the structure and important documents.

It was really nice to see the community pull together to protect such a valuable piece of History and the out pouring of support and donations to the fireman and County Government was tremendous. The Bicentennial Celebration is going on and clean up and reconstruction on the courthouse will begin on Tuesday.

The other thing about this whole episode was the incredible amount of people with cameras and camera phones that were at this event, even as of this morning many locals and out of town visitors have stopped and shot many images of the Courthouse, I couldn’t even guess on how many shots were taken. I shot close to 500 myself most of them will never even be opened up on my computer but like most records or files will be saved for the  future.  I did want to do something a little different with my images and try to give them a darker mood and covert some of them to B&W to give them a edgy or gritty feel.

These were all captured in the opening moments of the fire and I believe convey the stark mood the whole scene had taken as the fire burnt the Courthouse Dome. Just something a little different from all the cell phone and normal sots everyone else were taking, hopefully construction the Courthouse will be sift and they can keep intact the wonderful history and beauty of this magnificent structure, thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

Click on the images for the larger files for a better look.

027 (2)


024 (2)

12 thoughts on “” Madison Indiana Courthouse Fire “

  1. The 1st & 3rd photos are my favorites…Not that I’m glad the building burned, of course. Thanks for the additional info on that, btw.

  2. I like the way your photos presented the scene. It’s so good that they were able to save so much of it and also the records! That was a good job by the fire personnel!

  3. Bernie, we would like to purchase a couple of photos to hang on our “action wall” at the fire station. Where can I find you ? I remember when Bill drove the Ones to many runs.

    Don McKay, Lt.
    Walnut St, Fire Co #4
    424 Walnut St.
    Madison, IN 47250

  4. WordPress generated one of my blog entries as a related post to yours. When I noticed your site come up on my blog stats, I wanted to check it out. I’m glad I did – terrific photos.

  5. From one perspective, it’s sad that fire destroyed a part of your historical building. Hope that everything would be restored back to its original facade.

    From a photography perspective, good capture and coverage of a situation happening.


  6. nice pictures. that was a bad day. i was one of the firefighers there. first time i hav seen madison really pull together.

  7. Wow, these are very good. I love the contrast. Do you allow the use of your photos in other articles?

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