” Calla Lily Flame “

After posting all the shots of the fire at the Courthouse in Madison Indiana, I thought I might deviate  from the journalistic side of photography a bit and head back over to the artisitc side. But I still thought I might keep a fire flavor to it and post this shot of a  group of Calla Lilies that I think resemble a flame, don’t know if you all think they rsemble a flame as well but  at least thats what I will call them.

I blew this one up to about 30×40 and it really looked nice, it was a bear getting that feat acomplished but was definitely worth it.  Calla Lilies really are a beautiful subject too shoot and almost always look great printed and displayed, thay have become one of my favorite subjects and I always enjoy shooting them.

Flame Calla Lily 1 2009  rework


26 thoughts on “” Calla Lily Flame “

  1. Bo

    This is one of the more dramatic B/W’s I’ve seen in a long time. The tones really bring out the details and intensity, and yes, I think it is rather like a flame. This is really a great piece of art featuring the calla lilies.

  2. edvatza

    Looks like a flame to me. It is a beautiful image, Bernie. Very creative. It would indeed look good on the wall. Nice seen, conceptualized and captured.

  3. ankush

    wow, beautiful! definitely look like a flame to me. very well done lighting and pp. the 30×40 must be a treat to look at. did you sell it?

  4. Ron Zeiler

    Dear Bernie,
    I would like to purchase one 8X10 and one 16X20. Can you please tell me how I can do so. If you can take a visa would you please give me your phone number and I will call and give it to you. If not, please give me your mailing address and I will send you a check.
    I am delighted that I can get this photo (Calla Lily Flame) . it is exquisite.


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