“Ladybug Art”

How about something a little different, I have never really tried shooting insects before because of the equipment used to get in really close to these little guys, but I happened along this little ladybug and was able to get this shot. I shot it hand held and at 2.8 it gave it a really cool effect.

The photographers who get really up close to butterflies and dragonflies and get those incredible portrait shots are so good at what they do and hopefully someday with some amount of patience and equipment I hope to be able to get a few wonderful shots like they do !!

But until then I will just have to settle with a few shots like this to hold me over, hope you enjoy and thanks for stoping by !!

Lady Bug 1 2009


17 thoughts on ““Ladybug Art”

  1. edvatza

    2.8 and handheld. Wow. That’s tough. I think the bug needs to be a little sharper here. A tripod, more dof, something like that might have helped a bit. But you’re right. These are tough. I have always been impressed with the work of macro insect photographers even though insects are not my cup of tea.

  2. Bo

    I think its a great idea to shoot what you can find, with what you have. Never know what comes up. Insects are hard, but I’m glad you tried for this one. Kinda cute!

  3. JH

    Nice capture of the lady bug and a great attempt on insect macro photography !

    Just curious, was the focusing point on the tip of leaf ? Looking at your photo, this is the feel that I got. Maybe a head on view of the lady bug would be more exciting and challenging !

    Happy shooting and keep sharing !


  4. paulrocket

    That is beautiful, did you take this picture yourself? Would you mind if I used it for my blog at some point? If you do not, what kind of attribution should I include and may I photoshop it up?

    Paul from funispower.com

    (contact me at funispower@gmail.com if you wish)

  5. Lana

    Great shot! I find that most of my insect “close ups” have to be taken with 4x magnification from a distance. Things move too fast for me & I’m not the most patient person! Unfortunately it’s now too hot to venture outside much at all, so unless they’re landing on my windows, there probably won’t be many insect photos out of me until Fall.


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