“Madison Regatta”

This is a huge weekend for Madison Indiana, the annual Madison Regatta is today thru Sunday. If you enjoy big crowds fast boats and a fun atmosphere this is the place to be.I would share some images with you if I had any but I am not much of sports photographer and I spend most of the time eating and indulging in adult beverages so I will just link you to the official site to get all the details.

If you are within a hour or two it is definitely worth the trip to be here, the hydroplanes can travel up to 200 mph and can put on quite a show, there will also be an fireworks display on Saturday night. There will also be plenty of live music for everyone and some great food as well, and it is always a great place to sit back and watch the diverse group of people that will walk the river this weekend.

Since I don’t have any shots of the boat race I will post one of the bridge they travel under, anyway have a great Fourth of July weekend and hopefully you can make it down to the race !!

Ohio River Bridge in Fog 2008 3


12 thoughts on ““Madison Regatta”

  1. edvatza

    Very nice image, Bernie. But I hope they aren’t racing those hydroplanes at 200 mph into that fog! Hope you are having a great weekend. Enjoy the food and beverage. And the fireworks.


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