“Madison Indiana Fireworks”

Well it was a cool wet weekend in Madison for the Regatta and Fireworks, but I still made a reasonable attempt at finally getting  a few fireworks shots. As the Fireworks began a very heavy rainstorm broke out dampening the festive activities for the evening, many people left for home and the fireworks were shortened to get them in.

The lowering clouds further obscured the display making it very dificult to view let alone photograph. But I used a an old feed mill for my shelter and shot these from a third story window, keeping me warm and dry, they weren’t the greatest images of fireworks ever attempted but I was happy with my first experience shooting them.

I am hoping this is the sumer I got my first fireworks and lightening images, so now maybe I can come across a big storm and get them both.

regatta fireworks 1 2009

regatta fireworks 2  2009

regatta fireworks 4 2009

regatta fireworks 5 2009

23 thoughts on ““Madison Indiana Fireworks”

  1. Those are some fantastic firework photos Bernie. The thought of fireworks and rain seems a bit ironic to me, I guess perhaps because it never really rains during fireworks season here in California.

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