“Summer Wildflowers”

Ever since I began my journey into photography I have welcomed each spring with eager anticipation of the beautiful wildflowers that spring forth from the forest floor each year.  And at the end of that time I usually put the camera and macro lens up and simply put photography off till the fall months roll around.  But this year I tried to put a little more effort into my work and explore the world of Summer Wildflowers and have come away with a new appreciation of these beautiful subjects.

I have spent the last week trudging thru the fields of southern Indiana trying to figure out what blooms and how it will look as a piece of art, this type of work is much easier than the spring photography because  the flowers all tend to be in open flat fields as opposed to the flowers in the spring that cling to the sides of the canyons and gorges that dot out countryside. There are many different varieties of wildflowers, far too many for me to identify or capture , but I thought might just concentrate on just a few that I have caught my attention.

The first image is of a Butterfly weed, this is a beautiful flower that as the name suggests attracts butterflies to it’s wonderful orange blooms,  I found it in small clusters in open fields and along old roadsides.

The second image is of a Wild Bergamot, this is a beautiful little flower that grows in large open spaces covering an entire open field, when I found this specimen it was covered in butterflies and Honey Bees and made for quite an interesting photo adventure. I also attempted to shoot butterflies in that setting but that so far has ended in a disaster until I can figure out how to capture them without driving myself nuts !!

The third image is of a Black-Eyed Susan, I am sure many people have seen this subject along roadsides and in open fields, the color and and long elegant stems make quite a lovely site swaying in a late summer wind, but it doesn’t help when you are trying to get a shot in that breeze though !

All of these subjects are a great example of the beauty that summer can offer you and you photography excursions. They are but a few of the beautiful subjects and over the next week or so I will try to share a few more that I discovered, hope you enjoy and thanks for taking a look !!

butterfly weed 2 2009

Butterfly Weed

Wild Bergamot 2 2009

Wild Bergamot

Black Eyed-Susan 1 2009

Black-Eyed Susan

Here is a little music for this one..                                 

20 thoughts on ““Summer Wildflowers”

  1. Excellent shots, Bernie! I love the Butterfly weed: we don’t have that here or I’ve not come across it yet. What a pretty blossom! Those would make trying for butterfly shots enjoyable, even with limited success!

  2. Very good photos, Bernie. I especially like the Butterfly Weed, it’s really interesting flower and captured it great. I’m looking forward to seeing more. Tomas.

  3. Very nice series, Bernie. I am particularly fond of the Butterfly weed – a favorite of mine. The dof works very well there. And the background on the Bergamot is perfect.

    There are a lot of beautiful summer wildflowers so keep shooting!

  4. Beautiful flowers !! I probably won’t see such species of flowers in the tropics !

    Agreed that when Spring arrives, the flowers blossom and a great photo taking opportunity ! Recalled my days when I was studying at the University of Queensland, Australia and spring was a great time to view flowers !


  5. Hope you don’t mind that I’ve shared your photo on my blog at the end of the month, Bernie! I will be sure to add your link! Your photo of the Butterfly Weed is stunning!
    I am a card maker, and my husband ‘grows’ butterflies!! We’ll have ‘bloomed’ around 90 before the season is done!
    =] Michele

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