“Crooked Creek Madison Indiana”

I spent this past weekend hiking  a little known jewel that lies within the city of Madison Indiana.  Crooked Creek is a small tributary of the Ohio River that gets it start near the intersection of highway 421 and 62 in Jefferson County Indiana, from it’s junction with the Ohio River and thru most of it’s trip thru Madison it is a slow mostly dry and trash strewn creek, but in it’s upper reaches and after a heavy summer rain this place can become just as magical as any other mountain stream.

When summer storms fill this hollow with rain the many cascades and  small waterfalls come alive and give the viewer a natural treat to wade thru and  enjoy on a hot summer afternoon. At the end of the pleasant hike up the canyon a 50 ft cascading waterfall awaits the hiker, but this year after the heavy rains and windstorms the path is all but impassible with large trees and other debris blocking the view and path, but nature will cure this problem and in no time the hollow will be cleared again to view this beautiful scene.

Madison Indiana sits in a perfect position geographically because of all the beautiful waterfalls that dot our county, at least 15 falls that are 40 ft or bigger line the canyons and gorges that make up our county, from Eastern Jefferson county all the way down to Saluda Bottoms we are blessed with unique formations that give us a natural experience like no other in Indiana.

I am also sure they are many more I know nothing about and if you happen to be reading this and know of one shoot me an e-mail or phone call, I would really love to check it out !!

Crooked Creek 1 2009

Crooked Creek 3 2009

Crooked Creek 4 2009

And here is a song to go with it..            


26 thoughts on ““Crooked Creek Madison Indiana”

  1. Jim

    Sweet! Whenever I visit your part of the state, it seems like I’ve stepped into a different place. Having always lived north of I-70, I think of Indiana as being flat and featureless!

  2. Jim Crotty

    Wonderful images and very well written text. We always photograph that which is closest to us and lies just outside the front door. From a neighbor over here in Ohio.

  3. Scott Thomas Photography

    I do laugh when people around here way there’s nothing interesting to photograph. All they have to do is look around as nature still exists around our towns, villages and cities if they just look. I hope you find many other treasures such as this.

  4. Mark

    You are very fortunate to live so close to so many falls. All of these have their own unique character. I am enjoying these songs you are pairing up with the posts – very clever.

  5. Lana

    Very lovely. Living for so long near Niagara Falls, I think I developed an extended appreciation of lower, quieter falls, as well.


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