“Wild Chicory”

Each year at this time as you wind yourself through the back roads and woods of Southern Indiana, a beautiful wildflower has been treating us to a wonderful display of color and form. Growing mainly right along roadsides and ditches, this flower with its beautiful color is one of my favorites and one of the last flowers of the year that will grace us with its presence.

The Wild Chicory is a woody stemmed deep rooted plant with the most amazing Blue color that you will find outdoors in a natural setting, it is covered with many blooms but each one only lasts a day before a new one takes its place.  Another interesting  thing about this flower is that it likes sunny places but by mid afternoon, at least from my observations, the blooms seem to close up,which is usually when I like to shoot.  And being close to roads there always seemed to be a wind problem with this particular wildflower, but I got lucky with these as they were tucked back into a clearing.

Chicory is also widely used as a coffee substitute. When World War II disrupted shipping most U.S. coffee was produced from chicory. It also is used in herbal remedies as a blood cleansing agent that is supposed to be good for your liver.

Regardless of its use, this amazing wildflower does one thing for sure; it brings a beautiful blue color to a dull late summer road and a great subject to photograph, thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

Wild Chicory  2 2009

Chicory 1 2009


32 thoughts on ““Wild Chicory”

  1. Tomas Turecek

    These images are very nice, Bernie. I prefer the second one a tiny bit more because of the stem which is almost invisible in the first one. What I really like is the sharpness and details in both images. In the first one the details of the central stamens(?) are excellent. In the second one I especially like the patterns made by round shape of a blossom with nice “torn” edges and then by central stamens(?). You also provided good amount of information about this flower. I planed to take some shots of this nice flower myself but I usually saw it when I was without my camera and there are no in near neighbourhood of my house.

    1. Anna Lee

      Wow!~ What beautiful photos you posted. I love Montana. However, my question refers to your comment on Bernie Kasper’s photo of wild chicory. I recently suggested that my neighbor sow chicory seeds in the pasture for her horses. She said they are aggressive and will take over a whole pasture.

      I thought, gee! That would be pretty! Then I stumbled upon your comment about patches in your lawn and I wonder…could it be a problem? Do you have to keep cutting around it to contain it? I grow garden chicory and it’s become one of my favorite plants to view and to eat.

      Just love your photos, and Bernie’s, too. Happened to stumble upon them tonight.

      Anna Lee

      1. montucky

        Hello, Anna!

        No, I don’t consider chicory a problem in the lawn, I just mow around it while it’s blooming because I like the blossoms. Where I really don’t want it, I just mow over it and eventually it gives up.

  2. Andrea

    Random clicking led me here.
    I love the combo of your photos and good music. No “Top 10″…in this decade anyway! Thankfully!
    Lovely photos and blog.

  3. edvatza

    Good morning, Bernie. Looks like we are both on Chicory kicks. I just posted a couple of Chicory images a couple of days ago. You’ve captured the color perfectly and the detail is excellent. I do think I would like to see the first come in at a little more of an angle but that a small point. Very nicely done.


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