“Gimme Shelter”

Strange title for a post about summer wildflowers don’t you think ?  Let me clear it up for you as best as I can, yesterday I spent the afternoon searching for wildflowers along a few of our old country roads here in Madison Indiana, the wind was giving me fits and the sun was beating down on me like I was in Death Valley. The search was starting to really take it out of me physically and emotionally, I would find a great batch of flowers and they would be consumed by the blinding sunlight or I would find something in the shade and the wind would blow like a small tornado.

I was tiring quickly of the constant driving ,stopping and pulling out equipment getting back in and then starting all over again !!  After a good two hours of driving time I drove into a deep tree lined ravine in Eastern Jefferson County and came across a good stand of flowers right on the road and so close to each other that I actually pulled right into them with my truck.

They were perfectly shaded and the wind stopped blowing for the first time that afternoon, as I pulled out all of my equipment and other photo essentials. I left the stereo on and the back door to my vehicle open, as I set up and started shooting. Everything worked perfectly for me and I churned out a variety of pictures of three different flowers, getting some nice images.

And maybe now you may have guessed as I started to fire away with my remote release, in the background cranking out of my stereo was a little tune by The Stones “Gimme Shelter” maybe it was a gift from Mick and the Boys but whatever it was it worked and for once things were really clicking as I shot away at all the beautiful flowers. So in honor of the afternoon I am sharing the video from The Stones with you and a couple of the many shots I got!!

BTW..The two images I am sharing are a Wild Chicory and Crown Beard.

Wild Chicory 4 2009

Crown Beard 1 2009


33 thoughts on ““Gimme Shelter”

  1. Anita

    I enjoyed the story of your travails. I have experienced similar ones. I especially like the Crown Beard, a flower I don’t know. I like the Chicory’s of the other day better.
    Thank you for visiting my photoblog!

  2. Bo Mackison

    Yes, the perils of tracking down that elusive photo. Sounds like “Gimme Shelter”was just the tonic you needed.
    I’ve never seen the crown beard, a pretty thing. Nicely done, the perspective.

  3. Tomas Turecek

    I like both images, Bernie and the Chic is excellent! I really like the combination of colours, the composition, and especially your choice of DOF which blurred the background so nicely with all those circles. It’s simply perfect to my eyes. The second one is very good as well, again I like your choice of DOF, sharpness and colours.

  4. Lana

    Great tune.
    I miss wild chicory. We had tons of it in Canada (among so many others.) It doesn’t grow down here in the subtropics, unfortunately. Worse than that, however, it’s just WAYYY too hot to go out shooting whatever DOES grow here in the Summer!

  5. The Right Blue

    That’s funny, Bernie. I titled a post over at PhotoSynthesis on ScienceBlogs.com ‘Gimme Shelter’, too! Must’ve been in the air: great minds, etc. (My post was about little fishies, not flowers.)

    P.S. Can’t get over that wonderful periwinkle blue of the chicory.


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