A few weeks back I spent some time at a fish and wildlife area near my home here in Madison, when I came across this really cool mimosa tree.Β  I know a lot of people and most biologists consider this an invasive plant, and they can make quite a mess in your back yard, but this one was out in a field and was blooming profusely. The aroma of this tree seemed to float for miles and the blooms were quite extraordinary. It set back in a wood line and was hard to photograph as a whole so I spent my time with the macro lens and tripod and picked it apart !

The blooms were really amazing up close with all their intricate and beautifully colored stamens. They made quite a subject to work with and they came with a surprise or two as well. I shot some of the blooms as a whole subject but decided to move in close and work with the individual stamens. The long slender parts of the bloom made for a wonderful collection of abstract shots. Many of the images came out a bit “Blurry”. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked them or not but after getting home and processing them I came away feeling pretty happy with the results !

The first image came with a little visitor to the bloom in the form of a caterpillar which I thought added a really cool touch to the shot. The second image came out nice as well resembling some type of Alien life form or microscopic creature. All in all I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with all the images from that single tree. I shot over a hundred images from that one tree and got quite a few keepers. I was fortunate to have another productive shoot which makes up for all those bad days afield.

I thought the song by Puddle of Mudd was kinda appropriate for the images as well !!

caterpiller abstract 1 2009

formosa blooms 2 2009


30 thoughts on ““Blurry”

  1. montucky

    That little caterpillar looks as though it’s in a fantasy world, which would probably be pretty good for a caterpillar. I love the feel of the second shot too! Interesting!

  2. Tomas Turecek

    Hi Bernie, the first image is too blurry to my taste but the second one is excellent! I really like this forest of curved violet stems topped by that yellow pollen. Great subject.

  3. Bo Mackison

    Yes, the caterpillar sets the tone, almost a fantasy shot. And I love the colors in the second. Don’t you just love a good explore with your camera? A fine shoot, for sure!

  4. Ed

    Great shots, I too have a thing for Macro photography, no to just save enough for the Nikon 105mmVR, my Sigma 105 is a bit spotty….:-)

  5. edvatza

    I guess I am late to the party here, Bernie but I agree with much of what was said above. I know the title is blurry but I keep looking for something sharp to focus on in the first image and its not there. In the second image, the tips draw my eye right to them. I definitely prefer the second.

  6. Deva

    Wow, these photos are truly beautiful. I’m so glad I “found” your blog! I’ll be coming back to see more soon. πŸ™‚


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