Madison-Milton Bridge over Troubled Waters

Is that catchy or what ?  Seems kinda of appropriate now with the decision to go ahead with bridge committees decision on the Madison Milton Bridges future.  Seems we are going to get a new bridge but not new columns to support it, don’t get it well neither do I.

The plan now is to take down the old bridge and build a new one on the existing pillars, they say it will be safe and and a lot less expensive, who knows maybe they are right and it will all work out in the end, but we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Everyone knows without a doubt that we need a new bridge in the worst way, and with the way the Government is throwing around money these days now is the time to get this project done.  They will be shutting down this bridge for two years while a new one is constructed over the existing pillars  I just don’t see how having no bridge for two years is going to help  our community, especially with the way the economy is now,  it won’t take much to send us deeper into an already bad situation. They say that we are going to have ferries to shuttle people back and forth across the Ohio River, but that unto itself could end up being a nightmare with over 10,000 vehicles traveling back and forth across this structure daily. Will people have to pay daily, how many ferries will be in use and what about weather conditions and flooding. And the big problem will be an approach for vehicles.

And another question would be about the pillars themselves, can an 80 year old structure take the type of traffic this bridge will get everyday and continue to be able to perform in an safe and efficient manner ?  I just don’t see how a structure that has been thru that much weathering and other environmental conditions could be as sturdy as they recommend, I could be wrong I am not an engineer, but still it just doesn’t seem right.

I just hope the committee has made a wise decision and this doesn’t adversely effect our community, I know when the construction is done and everything is back to normal it will be a boon for Madison and Milton, lets just hope we get it done right !!

Madison Milton Bridge 1 2009

And here is a song I thought might be appropriate for this..


10 thoughts on “Madison-Milton Bridge over Troubled Waters

  1. Jim

    Gak, closed for how long??!?!?!??!

    I’m never happy to see an old bridge go, but I can at least sort of understand the economic reality here that building an entirely new bridge on some other alignment may well never get done because of cost.

  2. Barb

    In my area, everyone fights over where to place the bridge for over10 years, meanwhile the roads approaching the bridge are getting closer to the ‘where is it to be site?’

    Don’t care for their idea of new on top of old. Too much has changed since the old was built… like traffic loads and weights!!!

  3. JH

    Your photo of your bridge brought back memories of a railway track bridge here in Singapore that is no longer in use, however, it wasn’t torn down & left to become a monument (not a tourist attraction though).

    Check out the pic below !

    Well, I don’t know too much abt the history and geographics of the bridge and area,would it be better to preserve the brige and its history ? And build a new bridge instead ?

    Besides,coming from a non-engineering background, is it safe to tear and build a new bridge on old pillar foundations ?



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