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“Rock Water Abstract”

Here is another shot from my recent hike, I shot this right below Schoolhouse Falls in Southern Indiana, the color in the forest hadn’t really turned  yet but a few early leaves did happen to land on this rock which I thought added a lot of character to the scene.

The great thing about shooting in these canyons and gorges that surround our community is the fact there are just an amazing variety of shots you can get in just a short hike in this area. You can go for your classic large landscape waterfall shots like the ones I posted before or you can do more intimate abstract shots like the above or even work your way down to spring wildflower or macro leaf shots.

Just make sure you bring lenses to cover all your focal lengths and a tripod to work off of and then find yourself a beautiful place to work, I am sure wherever you live there is somewhere close by that you can photograph many of the same subjects I have in my area. Try to get out in the morning and evening or a cloudy windless day also look for the extraordinary in an ordinary world, shoot things other people overlook and you never know what you might find.

With Fall quickly approaching now is the time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and surroundings and bring home a few good images as well, thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

You need to click on this one for the larger viewing size as well.

Rock abstract 1 2009


“Butler Falls”

Here is the other waterfall from my hike last weekend, this one does have a name and it’s Butler Falls, just outside Hanover Indiana near Madison. Butler Falls looks to be at 60-70 ft. tall with a really nice flow of water, the Falls is at the back of a canyon with the only way in or out is from the creek below, once again no easy way to get there so I would be wary of such an excursion.

This Falls is not real far from Hanover College and its 3 waterfalls that reside near the campus. I am hoping to take a hike into that canyon in the next couple of days to see how the water flow is and see if I could get a few images. The fall color looks to be coming along nicely and I am hoping for a decent amount color to photograph this year, hopefully it will stay wet and I could get a few waterfall and color images which would be great !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !

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Butler Falls 1 2009

“Indiana Waterfalls”

I thought it might be time to post more waterfall images that I have shot recently, in earlier posts I have shared with you the fact that Jefferson County Indiana has an abundance of waterfalls in the gorges and canyons that lead down into the Ohio River, I have shared some of those images with you earlier and here is one I shot last Saturday that I thought might be worth taking a look at.

This falls has no name that I know of but since it is close to a school I thought I might dub it Schoolhouse Falls, kinda of corny but what the heck, it has a sheer  50-60 ft. drop that is located in a beautiful wooded canyon near Hanover Indiana just outside Madison. At the top of the Falls it also has a smaller 10 ft. Falls that leads out onto the ledge before it plummets to the bottom of the gorge.

I can also tell you this one and most other Falls in our region are very hard to get to and are not for the week of heart or body to try to hike to, very steep cliffs and boulder strewn creeks make the hike treacherous for the novice hiker. Even though I may be getting up there in years I do pride myself as a strong hiker and none of these Falls are easy for me to hike to so be very careful if you ever attempt to hike to one.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

You can also click on it for the larger size if you like.

School house falls 1 2009

“Let it Bee”

I know I know another corny title but what the heck it just might give you a chuckle.

Another insect shot, I seemed to have gotten more of these this year than I have ever before, and this one was hand held to boot. For me shooting anything without a tripod is almost blasphemy but for this little guy there was no other way, his almost nonstop flying from flower to flower kept me working so fast I finally just threw the tripod down and chased him around till I got a few satisfactory images.

I still didn’t get 100% focus but I think it worked out well and after about 50 shots I was  able to capture a couple that were worth keeping. I have found a new appreciation of the true macro shooters who specialize in insects they are definitely a talented group who knows their craft and produce amazing images, maybe someday I can get to that point but now I will take whatever I can get !!

I also captured quite a few butterfly images this year that at some point I will share with you, it was a nice end of summer and I came away with some nice work, but now I am anticipating a wonderful fall with lots of color and hopefully a few waterfalls sprinkled in as well.

I thought I would leave with the obvious video by The Beatles, I know I am predictable but it was way too easy to do !!

Honey Bee  1 2009

“Lady Bug Lust”

Sorry about the long absence but I’ve made some commitments to coaching again and have been very busy with that aspect of my life, I am going to try to squeeze some time in now and then to share my images with you until the season ends and I can get  more time to shoot.

I have shot quite a few image during the late summer that I was happy with including this little image of a couple of ladybugs having a little afternoon delight.There are all kinda of places I could go with this or I could stoop to sophomoric humor and have a lot of fun, but thankfully I don’t have much time so I won’t go there…I will let the viewers handle that !!

Actually this image was a little hard to get because the lady ladybug wouldn’t hold still long enough and kept dragging the male around with her, always finding a place to hide to do their dirty work, must have been a privacy issue.  After about 50 exposures my foray into bug pornography paid off and I nailed the shot, I still was a little disappointed with the lack of sharpness in her head but I had to give something to get the shot so that was the payoff.

Maybe I should have consulted with Hefner or Flynt on this, since they were a little more experienced with this aspect of photography but for my first foray into bug porn it still worked out pretty nice. I hope you enjoyed the image and thanks again for stopping by and taking a look !!

Ladybug mating 1 2009