“Lady Bug Lust”

Sorry about the long absence but I’ve made some commitments to coaching again and have been very busy with that aspect of my life, I am going to try to squeeze some time in now and then to share my images with you until the season ends and I can get  more time to shoot.

I have shot quite a few image during the late summer that I was happy with including this little image of a couple of ladybugs having a little afternoon delight.There are all kinda of places I could go with this or I could stoop to sophomoric humor and have a lot of fun, but thankfully I don’t have much time so I won’t go there…I will let the viewers handle that !!

Actually this image was a little hard to get because the lady ladybug wouldn’t hold still long enough and kept dragging the male around with her, always finding a place to hide to do their dirty work, must have been a privacy issue.  After about 50 exposures my foray into bug pornography paid off and I nailed the shot, I still was a little disappointed with the lack of sharpness in her head but I had to give something to get the shot so that was the payoff.

Maybe I should have consulted with Hefner or Flynt on this, since they were a little more experienced with this aspect of photography but for my first foray into bug porn it still worked out pretty nice. I hope you enjoyed the image and thanks again for stopping by and taking a look !!

Ladybug mating 1 2009