“Let it Bee”

I know I know another corny title but what the heck it just might give you a chuckle.

Another insect shot, I seemed to have gotten more of these this year than I have ever before, and this one was hand held to boot. For me shooting anything without a tripod is almost blasphemy but for this little guy there was no other way, his almost nonstop flying from flower to flower kept me working so fast I finally just threw the tripod down and chased him around till I got a few satisfactory images.

I still didn’t get 100% focus but I think it worked out well and after about 50 shots I was  able to capture a couple that were worth keeping. I have found a new appreciation of the true macro shooters who specialize in insects they are definitely a talented group who knows their craft and produce amazing images, maybe someday I can get to that point but now I will take whatever I can get !!

I also captured quite a few butterfly images this year that at some point I will share with you, it was a nice end of summer and I came away with some nice work, but now I am anticipating a wonderful fall with lots of color and hopefully a few waterfalls sprinkled in as well.

I thought I would leave with the obvious video by The Beatles, I know I am predictable but it was way too easy to do !!

Honey Bee  1 2009