“Let it Bee”

I know I know another corny title but what the heck it just might give you a chuckle.

Another insect shot, I seemed to have gotten more of these this year than I have ever before, and this one was hand held to boot. For me shooting anything without a tripod is almost blasphemy but for this little guy there was no other way, his almost nonstop flying from flower to flower kept me working so fast I finally just threw the tripod down and chased him around till I got a few satisfactory images.

I still didn’t get 100% focus but I think it worked out well and after about 50 shots I was  able to capture a couple that were worth keeping. I have found a new appreciation of the true macro shooters who specialize in insects they are definitely a talented group who knows their craft and produce amazing images, maybe someday I can get to that point but now I will take whatever I can get !!

I also captured quite a few butterfly images this year that at some point I will share with you, it was a nice end of summer and I came away with some nice work, but now I am anticipating a wonderful fall with lots of color and hopefully a few waterfalls sprinkled in as well.

I thought I would leave with the obvious video by The Beatles, I know I am predictable but it was way too easy to do !!

Honey Bee  1 2009


18 thoughts on ““Let it Bee”

  1. Bo Mackison

    I find insects incredibly hard to photograph. I think this works well for the buzzy creature. Isn’t it amazing that we’ll take 50 shots hoping for one great one? The benefits of digital!

  2. The Right Blue

    This is a very appealing shot of the bee, but you’re so right about macro photography, especially of living creatures. (If only they’d hold still!!) Choosing the right DOF is critical, I find. That’s why I have used aperture priority for most of my underwater macro shots of little critters.

  3. Lana

    Great shot! I, too, admire people who get those stunning shots of insects. I really don’t know how they do it. More often than not, I seem to be chasing everything around the yard. Perhaps a more Zen-like approach is required.

  4. Nina Campbell

    Oh no you didn’t! Let it be 😉 Great pics Bernie!!!
    I tried to channel the Kasper spirit on my way through Clifty the other day. Ya, not happening. You’re just WWAAAAYYY to good at this! Ever look into doing a photo book of Indiana state parks? I think you should! They are just wonderful.

    1. Bernie Kasper Post author

      Yes I know Nina it’s bad, but hey it got your attention, thanks for the compliment as well.

      As for a book, who knows what may transpire in the future 😉


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