“Indiana Waterfalls”

I thought it might be time to post more waterfall images that I have shot recently, in earlier posts I have shared with you the fact that Jefferson County Indiana has an abundance of waterfalls in the gorges and canyons that lead down into the Ohio River, I have shared some of those images with you earlier and here is one I shot last Saturday that I thought might be worth taking a look at.

This falls has no name that I know of but since it is close to a school I thought I might dub it Schoolhouse Falls, kinda of corny but what the heck, it has a sheer  50-60 ft. drop that is located in a beautiful wooded canyon near Hanover Indiana just outside Madison. At the top of the Falls it also has a smaller 10 ft. Falls that leads out onto the ledge before it plummets to the bottom of the gorge.

I can also tell you this one and most other Falls in our region are very hard to get to and are not for the week of heart or body to try to hike to, very steep cliffs and boulder strewn creeks make the hike treacherous for the novice hiker. Even though I may be getting up there in years I do pride myself as a strong hiker and none of these Falls are easy for me to hike to so be very careful if you ever attempt to hike to one.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

You can also click on it for the larger size if you like.

School house falls 1 2009