“Butler Falls”

Here is the other waterfall from my hike last weekend, this one does have a name and it’s Butler Falls, just outside Hanover Indiana near Madison. Butler Falls looks to be at 60-70 ft. tall with a really nice flow of water, the Falls is at the back of a canyon with the only way in or out is from the creek below, once again no easy way to get there so I would be wary of such an excursion.

This Falls is not real far from Hanover College and its 3 waterfalls that reside near the campus. I am hoping to take a hike into that canyon in the next couple of days to see how the water flow is and see if I could get a few images. The fall color looks to be coming along nicely and I am hoping for a decent amount color to photograph this year, hopefully it will stay wet and I could get a few waterfall and color images which would be great !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !

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Butler Falls 1 2009