“Rock Water Abstract”

Here is another shot from my recent hike, I shot this right below Schoolhouse Falls in Southern Indiana, the color in the forest hadn’t really turned  yet but a few early leaves did happen to land on this rock which I thought added a lot of character to the scene.

The great thing about shooting in these canyons and gorges that surround our community is the fact there are just an amazing variety of shots you can get in just a short hike in this area. You can go for your classic large landscape waterfall shots like the ones I posted before or you can do more intimate abstract shots like the above or even work your way down to spring wildflower or macro leaf shots.

Just make sure you bring lenses to cover all your focal lengths and a tripod to work off of and then find yourself a beautiful place to work, I am sure wherever you live there is somewhere close by that you can photograph many of the same subjects I have in my area. Try to get out in the morning and evening or a cloudy windless day also look for the extraordinary in an ordinary world, shoot things other people overlook and you never know what you might find.

With Fall quickly approaching now is the time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and surroundings and bring home a few good images as well, thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

You need to click on this one for the larger viewing size as well.

Rock abstract 1 2009

14 thoughts on ““Rock Water Abstract”

  1. Good advice on shooting things others overlook, of course. Sometimes even a good, up close look over my own yard yields some wonderful finds!
    Absolutely wonderful shot here, btw. Love the colors & geometry!

  2. Love this perspective. But Bernie, I didn’t know Indiana was so tropical…”with Fall quickly approaching” you say? More like winter quickly approaching up here! 🙂

  3. I had as much fun zooming in on the waterfalls I recently photographed as the grand views. You are so right, there is so much close by that people overlook. Your photo here is beautiful and reflective of this time of year. Almost fall? It’s almost done in upstate NY. 🙂

  4. Good advice and great perspective in this image. I like how the rock enters the frame from the LR corner. The touch of color from the leaves serves the image well. Good work, Bernie.

  5. I like this “riverscape” Bernie and those leaves add a lot to the character of the image. I like the composition, colours and lightning. The mood captured in it is excellent and perfectly matching dark fall atmosphere.

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